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<<< The Future of WhymCraft >>>

Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for downloading this plugin. As of yesterday, August 1st, 2014, WhymCraft has gone inactive. But do not despair! I will be splitting this project up into multiple projects. It simply was too tedious for a lot of people to download a big pack of features when all they wanted was one. Currently, I am unable to make any changes due to technical difficulties, but I can't see them lasting too long and I can get back to updating this. Once I have the projects published to BukkitDev, I will link the features I listed below to their corresponding project. So far, I can see three projects being created, but this number may change.

Thanks for the support. I hope are excited about the release these new features in separate projects. Anything written below is now legacy.

<<< What is WhymCraft? >>>

Updated July 7th, 2014!

WhymCraft (pronounced "WHIM Craft") takes the most favored community requests and features, then adds them into a single mod file. Sayonara, jumbled, incompatible folders full of un-configurable plugins with inconsistent versions! Toy around with features, bringing infinite possibilities to gameplay for yourself and your players. WhymCraft adds realistic elements as well as unconventional commands and accessories, all built to be specially customizable.

Make sure to read the Reference for information on the config, commands, and permissions!

<<< Features (2.0) >>>


Currently, WhymCraft has the following add-ons:

  • /BlockShield - When this command is used, a shield is generated of a specific kind of block around the player. Customizable in radius size, bounciness, dealt damage and block-type. Just for fun! ;)
  • Exploding furnaces - Furnaces will explode when TNT or Gunpowder is cooked inside of them. Perfect for time-bombs in Factions! Customizable explosion size.
  • Craft-able red sand - You can craft red sand the way you'd craft red glass, except instead of glass, use sand.
  • Glassing - We all know how tedious glass is to create when auto-smelters are in short supply, which is why Glassing was invented. Simply pour lava on sand and watch as it turns to glass. Great for survival servers!
  • Silverfish surprise - You might find a nasty surprise hidden in sand and gravel. Customizable discovery chance.
  • [New!] Melon-sniping - Shoot water-melons with arrows and they'll slice open!
  • [New!] Explosion shocks - Explosions can break glass, stun nearby players, and incinerate anyone who is right near them. (All actions toggle-able. Shatter chance, range, stun power + time, incineration messages adjustable.)
  • [New!] /tpnear - Allows user to teleport within a certain distance of the target. (Configurable max distance)
  • [New!] Burrowing Arrows - If you have TNT in your inventory, arrows will trail explosions and dig through nearby blocks. (All actions toggle-able. Explosion and dig-size adjustable)
  • [New!] /config - Read, write, and reload configs in game with this powerful Admin tool. Great for plugins with big configs, such as WhymCraft!
  • [New!] WorldGuard compatibility - Explosions from BurrowDarts or Explosion Shockwaves will not affect protected regions with their TNT flag set to "false."

NOTICE: Because there are so many features in this update, there are likely a few bugs to go along with them. If you find any bugs, report them here so they can be fixed and your enjoyment can continue!


  • Furnaces now explode properly.

<<< Planned Features >>>

  • Realistic Minecraft - Want Minecraft to be more realistic? Where damage stays on blocks and mining is harder? This feature will add a few gameplay changes to make it more like real life.
  • Build sites - Placing certain markers will make a building be formed over time by villagers.
  • Sprint bursts - Run extra fast while sprinting for a short period of time.
  • More helpful commands.
  • Community requested features and ideas (post in the Forums).
  • More!

<<< Feedback & Ideas >>>

If you'd like to suggest a feature, please do not send me a message. Rather, post them on the forums. :)

<<< Change Log >>>

12/16/14: 2.0


  • Added melon-sniping.
  • Added burrowing darts.
  • Added explosion shocks.
  • Added /config.
  • Added /tpnear.
  • Added WorldGuard region support.


  • Fixed furnaces so they explode properly.

12/6/14: 1.0

  • Initial release. :)


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