Plugin output capturing - BETA

Note: This information is outdated. Use the documentation found here for version 2.5 and higher.

Note that not all output is captured, only plugins that use the plugin logger supplied by bukkit. These plugins are mostly recognizable by the "[PluginName]" infront of their output. (Enabling messages excluded.)
Also note that bukkit commands are not supported for now.

To catch the output of a plugin you need:
a) To know the name of the plugin as specified in the plugin.yml
b) To be using a php-> bukkit connection

First you use websend->startPluginOutputListening("nameoftargetplugin") where nameoftargetplugin is for example Websend.
Then you perform any actions you want to capture the output of.
If these actions take some time to complete, you might need to put a sleep in your php document before calling websend->stopPluginOutputListening("nameoftargetplugin").
This will stop Websend from recording output and the method will return an array of strings that contains the recorded output.