Note: This information is outdated. Use the documentation found here for version 2.5 and higher.

(This only applies to bukkit -> php -> bukkit connections. For php -> bukkit connections see this.)

Helpful notes about the syntax :

For a list of bukkit data you can use in php (only bukkit -> php), go here.

Line seperator (;)

The line seperator: ";" (without quotes) is essential in seperating the different commands and text lines. Example:

/Command/ExecuteBukkitCommand: weather sun;
/Command/ExecuteConsoleCommand: time day;


Chatcolor-aColorHere type of commands will paint the text in the provided color until a ";" or a new Chatcolor command is reached. Example:

/Command/Chatcolor-red:This is red;
/Command/Chatcolor-purple:This is purple;
/Command/Chatcolor-gray:This is gray;
/Command/Chatcolor-gray:These are /Chatcolor-blue:multiple colors/Chatcolor-red: in one/Chatcolor-purple: sentence;

The available colors are:

  • Chatcolor-red
  • Chatcolor-green
  • Chatcolor-blue
  • Chatcolor-yellow
  • Chatcolor-white
  • Chatcolor-purple
  • Chatcolor-gray
  • Chatcolor-darkred
  • Chatcolor-darkblue
  • Chatcolor-darkgreen
  • Chatcolor-darkpurple
  • Chatcolor-darkgray
  • Chatcolor-gold


Sends the provided command to bukkit to be executed as the player who initiated the request. Example:

/Command/ExecuteBukkitCommand: weather sun;

To specify the player that executes this command use ExecuteBukkitCommand-playerName:command (playerName has to be online)


Sends the provided command to bukkit to be executed as the server console. Example:

/Command/ExecuteConsoleCommand: time day;

NOTE: Not all commands support this way of execution.

Plain text

Normal text will be directly outputted to the minecraft player.


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