PHP -> Bukkit system.

Note: This information is outdated. Use the documentation found here for version 2.5 and higher.

PHP -> Bukkit system.

How to enable it:

Install Websend, let it generate a config file and open that file (plugins/Websend/config.txt).
Set WEBLISTENER_ACTIVE to true and restart your server.
By default Websend will listen on port 4445 TCP. Note that that port needs to be opened and forwarded properly for this to work.
If your host does not allow you to use this port, you can define a different port by using ALTPORT=1234 in your config file.
Websend is now ready for requests.

How use it: Connecting

If you don't have it already get the Websend.php file by downloading the latest Websend release.
Make a new php file and include the Websend.php file.
Make a new Websend object.
$ws = new Websend("123.456.789.123");
Replace 123.456.789.123 with the IP of your bukkit server.
By default this will assign 4445 to the port value. If you defined a different port use this line:
$ws = new Websend("123.456.789.123", 4446);
Replace 4446 with preferred port number.

At this point no connection has been made yet. To connect to the Websend server, use the connect(password) function.
Replace password with the password you defined in your websend config.
When you wish to disconnect, simply use the disconnect() function.

How use it: Sending data

There are a couple of functions of functions that allow you to perform various actions.
For more information on these functions, go here.