Randomized rewards for voting

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All players automatically have the following permissions, you must negate (-) the permission if you wish to remove access:

voteroulette.viewstatsGives access to the "/vr stats" command
voteroulette.viewrewardsGives access to the "/vr rewards" command
voteroulette.viewmilestonesGives access to the "/vr milestones" command
voteroulette.lastvoteGives access to the "/vr lastvote" command
voteroulette.votecommandGives access to the "/vote" command
voteroulette.claimallGives access to the "claim all" commands for offline Rewards/Milestones
voteroulette.top10Gives access to the "top" commands


The following permissions are not automatically given out and should only be given to moderators:

voteroulette.viewotherstatsAllows player to view others stats
voteroulette.lastvoteothersAllows player to view how long ago another player voted
voteroulette.editstatsAllows player to edit others stats
voteroulette.forcevoteAllows player to force a vote to another player to give them a reward, as if they voted on a website.
voteroulette.forceawardsGives access to the "forcereward/forcemilestone" commands.
voteroulette.remindAllows player to manually broadcast the periodic reminder.


The following permissions should only be given to an administrator:

voteroulette.adminGives access to the "/vr reload" command to reload the config and also grants the Moderator permisisons
voteroulette.wipestatsGives access to the "/vr wipestats" command
voteroulette.createawardsGives access to the Award Creator and edit award commands.
voteroulette.deleteawardsGives access to the delete awards command.
voteroulette.edititemsGives access to the "/vr setname" and "/vr setlore" commands.
voteroulette.colorsGives access the "/vr colors" command.
voteroulette.*Grants all permissions. OP's will automatically have this.