Randomized rewards for voting

/voteroulette is the full command with available aliases: /vr and /vtr

/vr ?In-game permission sensitive help menu.
/vr createStart the Award Creator.
/vr editreward [#]Edit a Reward.
/vr deletereward [#]Delete a Reward.
/vr editmilestone [#]Edit a Milestone.
/vr deletemilestone [#]Delete a Milestone.
/vr setname [text]Set a custom name for an item in hand.
/vr setlore [text]Set custom lore for an item in hand.
/vr colorsSee the color codes (the use with setname & setlore).
/voteSee a list of websites to vote on. Aliases: /votelinks /votesites
/vr top totalSee players with the most total votes
/vr top streakSee players with the longest vote streaks
/vr rewardsSee rewards you are eligible to get.
/vr milestonesSee milestones you are eligible to get.
/vr lastvoteSee how long ago your last vote was.
/vr lastvote [player]See how long ago a players last vote was.
/vr remindManually broadcast the periodic reminder. Aliases: /vr reminder /vr broadcast
/vr statsSee your voting stats.
/vr stats [player]See the stats of another player.
/vr stats [player] settotal [#]Set a players total votes.
/vr stats [player] setcycle [#]Set a players current vote cycle.
/vr claimTells you if you have any unclaimed rewards or milestones you received while offline.
/vr claim rewardsLists any of your unclaimed rewards.
/vr claim rewards [#/all]Gives you the reward with the given # or all of them.
/vr claim milestonesLists any of your unclaimed milestones.
/vr claim milestones [#/all]Gives you the milestone with the given # or all of them.
/vr forcevote [player]Make it as if the given player just voted, this will update their stats and give them an applicable reward/milestone.
/vr forcemilestone [#] [player]Give a milestone to a player.
/vr forcereward [#] [player]Give a reward to a player.
/vr wipestats [player/all] [stat/all]Wipe player stats.
/vr reloadReloads the config file.