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Randomized rewards for voting

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  • Added the in-game Award Creator.
  • Added ability to delete awards in-game: /vr deletereward [#], /vr deletemilestone [#]
  • Added the ability to edit existing awards: /vr editreward [#], /vr editmilestone [#]
  • Added the ability to customize items for awards easily: /vr setname [text], /vr setlore [text], /vr colors
  • Major config overhaul
    • Rewards/Milestones have been moved to the new awards.yml.
    • New GUI setting "showPlayersAndGroups".
  • Extra scoreboard name length protection to further prevent a rare client crash.
  • Decreased the start up time.
  • Removed some characters in the files that some computers didn’t like.
  • Fixed time parsing bug for first time voters.


  • VoteRoulette is now UUID aware!
  • Have unclaimed awards auto-claimed when players log on.
  • Disable unclaimed awards all together.
  • Disable the Inventory Protection. Items will drop at the players feet if their inventory is full.
  • Now you can use "-a" at the end of all the /vr rewards and /vr milestones commands.
    • This "all" flag allows you to see all the rewards/milestones, regardless of if you qualify for them.
  • Added /vr forcereward and /vr forcemilestone
  • Improvements to stats handling in regards to the Scoreboard. A rare client crash should no longer happen.
  • The login messages such as the 24 hour reminder, are now slightly delayed to make them easier to notice.


  • Fixed lore and names for items keeping the first player name it inserts, when using the %player% tag
  • The Rewards/Milestones GUI now shows the viewing player's name in the lore and name of items instead of just %player%
  • New option in the config to turn off the use of the Scoreboard for stats (under the GUI section).
  • Fixes some inconstancy with the unclaimed award messages
  • Added the "no time stamp saved yet" error message to the localizations.yml
  • Added the "Showing top 10 players for..." stats message to the localizations.yml


  • Fixed player Votestreaks not properly incrementing.
  • Fixed Reward/Milestones with a "message" node broadcasting that message to the whole server instead of just to the player.


  • If you have guiForAwards set to true and your server is 1.7+ , you can now click the name of an award when you type "/vr rewards (or milestones)" to see its contents, instead of having to type another command.
  • A randomized firework is now shot up from players when they earn a milestone (you can turn this off in the config)
  • Added a broadcastCooldown option
  • The "/vr forcevote" command now calls the actual Votifier vote event
  • Included some basic API
  • Added Metrics tracking
  • Added a debug mode
  • Fixed "/vr lastvote [player]" incorrectly showing the last vote time of the command sender instead of the given player.
  • More code optimization and bug fixes


  • New save format with auto-import from old format
  • Visual representation for Rewards/Milestones
  • Fancy Links™ for the /vote command
  • A new command "/vr top10", using the Scoreboard
  • Added votesteaks option for Rewards
  • Greatly expanded Localizations.yml
  • Ability to set which command alias is to be shown to players in all the text
  • Separated server broadcast messages for when a player receives an award and when he doesn't.
  • Added "wipestats" command
  • Majorly reworked, rewrote, and optimized a lot of the code


  • Added a new "reroll" node to Reward/Milestones. Use this to have an award reroll the dice for a chance to get second reward on top of the first!
  • Added a new "description" node for Rewards/Milestones. Provide a brief description of your reward/milestone for /vr rewards command.
  • You can now have a delayed command automatically run if the server shuts down (or VoteRoulette gets disabled)
  • A new localizations.yml file located in the data folder!
  • Fixed some bugs with translating color codes for item name and lore descriptions and other things.
  • VR now considers 0% as a chance for Rewards/Milestone. (Before if 0 was stated, VR would skip over it)
  • Enchants on enchanted books are properly registered now.


  • Added a new "multiple" node to items in rewards and milestones for multple items with same id but different data id.
  • Updated the messages displaying what items are in rewards to be more descriptive about spawn eggs and potions.


  • Fixed the dataID node not accepting values greater than 16
  • Added an automatic update checker


  • Added a new config option "randomizeTiedHighestPriorityMilestones"
  • Added global support for %color% tags in the messages.yml file


  • Added a "websites: " node for rewards only.
  • A new file will generate in the VoteRoulette's "data" folder called "known websites".
  • Added the ability to delay commands in rewards/milestones.
  • Added the ability to force a delayed command to run if the player logs off.


  • Added a "players: " node per reward/milestone to state specific players that are also eligible for this reward/milestone.
  • The "chance: " node has been tweaked to support a greater range of chances.
  • Added a "/vr remind" command that manually broadcasts the periodic reminder.
  • Minor config tweaks


  • Optimized some code and threaded some of the process that happen when a vote comes through.
  • Cleaned up various things with the commands.


  • Set chances per reward/milestone
  • Added a new permission voteroulette.claimall. Negating (-) this permission will make it so players can't use the "claim all" commands for rewards/milestone.
  • Minor config/messages.yml grammar and typo fixes/tweaks.


  • Complied against Java 6 for JRE 6 support
  • Changed "/vote" command to "/votelinks" and added "/vote" as an alias, for compatibility with other plugins that use /vote.
  • Fixed bug that would still load an old config after you removed that old config and typed /vr reload the first time.


  • Fixed bug when "onlyConsiderPlayersPrimaryGroup" was set to true and player voted while offline.


  • Added a 24 hour notification. Players will be notified when 24 hours have passed since their last vote.
  • Edit the 24 hour notification in the messages.yml file.
  • Added the command "/vr lastvote".
  • Moderators can type "/vr lastvote [player]"
  • Added a config option to only broadcast to the server when a player votes if the voting player is currently online.
  • Added a config option to only consider a players primary permission group when doing reward/milestone checks, to help with inheritance.
  • Updated the help menu with the new commands.


  • Added a world blacklist in the config. Players can never claim rewards/milestones in these worlds.
  • Added the option to set the required worlds per reward/milestone with the new "worlds: " node.
  • Added the ability to tell VoteRoulette to consider the world the player is standing in first when a player votes.
  • Made the /vr forcevote command ignore the player blacklist entirely.
  • Added /vtr as another command alias.


  • Fixes some bugs with the messages.yml file.


  • Added a "armorColor: " section to Reward/Milestone for items that are leather armor.
  • item "lore: " and "name: " sections now support the %player% tag.
  • item "name: " section now supports color codes.
  • Added the backbone to MySQL support.
  • Cleaned up some code
  • If a player hasn't voted yet, /vr stats will show a player has zero votes instead of "They have no votes saved".


  • Edit the broadcast messages! New file: messages.yml.
  • Set a custom message for a specific reward/milestone that will override the default reward message.
  • Set commands for rewards/milestones
  • Added a /vote command that lists all your voting sites to the player.
  • Set a periodic reminder for players to vote.
  • Bug fixes


  • Initial Release