Get information in chat area about current Village

Village Info plugin

If you like to play with villages like me, this plugin is a very useful tool to not going blindfolded inside when you want to enlarge it, trade with villlagers or farm golems

this plugin works simple and fast, pretty much in the way of Village Info Mod in which i took the idea... after searching a lot i realised there is no plugin that supply this info

Installation and config

  • just download "VillageInfo.jar" file and copy inside the plugins folder of your server
  • reload or restart it
  • if you are updating from v3.x be sure to delete/backup your "config.yml" file before because since v4.x it is updated too


  • simply type "/villageinfo" or "/vi" at chat console
  • you will see info in chat area (not in f3 info screen!) about the village where you are

Understanding displayed info

Most of the format is compatible with Village Info Mod, for more info on how villages work go HERE and HERE. After reading maybe you will note you need to build 30 houses and get 10 villagers for each golem to spawn

Legend Description Color
Center and Radius Geometric center of all Houses, Distance from center to farthest House (from 32 to 66) Informational header, always displayed in yellow (*)
Houses Number of Doors considered as Houses Insufficient houses to spawn golems
Enough houses to spawn golems (21 at least), however need enough villagers also
Villagers Actual Villagers (and population cap: Houses/3) Breeding stopped
Open mating season, however villagers also need to be in the mood (well fed)
Golems Actual Golems (and population cap: Villagers/10) You are just inside Village radius (*)
You are also inside Golem spawn area
Reputation Your actual popularity with this Village Golems will attack you (Reputation -15 or less)
Normal behavior

(*) from plugin version 6 and 7 color and descriptions had been slightly modified to be clearer

Config and permissions

  • permissions system support (disabled by default)
  • when permissions are enabled there is just one permission: villageinfo.use (server ops overrides)
  • configurable localized global strings
  • updated config.yml from version 4.x, if updating from version below 3.x i recommend delete/backup/edit config.yml
  • (version 2 has no permissions or configs support, plugin usable by everyone)

Notes on A Skyblock

A Skyblock plugin does not work very well with this and others plugins ... it creates a custom world for floating islands and uses a non standard way to register it in the server, so VillageInfo could not find it when iterating worlds, throwing a null poiter exception

if you are affected by this problem please contact askyblock staff and claim to fix it (thanks to Carsius to report it)


  • now you can check source at GitHub


  • this plugin imports craftbukkit obfuscated clases, minor version means craftbukkit compatible version (i.e.: v3.183 is for craftbukkit 1.8.3)
  • the info is displayed in chat area when you type command, not in F3 infoscreen realtime, if you wish to do so try to install the mod, but i dont guarantee it works in multiplayer


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