VillageInfo v8.114 details

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First place, i am not a developer, and i apologize because i hadn't much time due travels doing family matters

I also feel a little demotivated with all the *internal* changes in MC since v1.14.x... it was a real torture to try to find some clue about new village mechanics, very cool but very complex too

How new plugin works

Villages are not exposed in the bukkit api (never was), so i had to find and use NMS classes to work with, but now i had to think in alternatives

Finding villages and center

As villages are not accesible, we won't find villages really but villagers, as they make villages possible, and they are the interesting part and cool

The plugin searches for villagers (normal and zombies) in a 128x128x64 volume centered on player, then it calculates the villagers geometric center

Once we have the approximated village center (villagers tend to crowd near village center) we search again for more mobs and blocks in a 64x64x32 centered in the new village "center": 

  • Travelling Vendors: Wandering Traders and Trader Llamas
  • Iron Golems
  • Cats
  • Farm Animals: Pigs, Sheeps, Cows and Horses
  • Zombies
  • Illagers: Pillagers, Vindicators, Ravagers, Evokers, Vexes, Illusioners (and Witches, until technically not Illagers)

Next step is to scan and count beds to get an idea about houses, and count job sites (see

Printing gathered info

Once we had collected the info we display it in a nice format, the Village center are displayed as a header in relative friendly coordinates always in yellow, while mobs/blocks counts are displayed in color according condition: bad=magenta, normal=cyan, lucky=bold 



Bad conditions (below minimum or dangerous)

  • Villagers: less than Houses
  • Nomad Traders: the absence is normal (cyan), but their presence is lucky (bold)
  • Iron Golems: less than 1/5 Villagers
  • Cats: less than 1/4 Houses
  • Farm Animals: none, possibly all were killed
  • Zombies: any, if many then possible siege in progress
  • Illagers: any, possible raid in progress
  • Houses (Beds): less than 10 (minimum needed to spawn Golems)
  • Job Sites: less than Villagers