Get information about current Village in your chat area!


Village Info plugin

VillageInfo v8.114 output sample, please download plugin version according your bukkit version, previous versions description HERE


If you like to play with villages like me, this plugin is a very useful tool to not going blindfolded inside when you want to enlarge it, trade with villlagers or farm golems

this plugin works simple and fast, pretty much in the way of Village Info Mod in which i took the idea... after searching a lot i realised there is no plugin that supply this info


  • simply type "/villageinfo" or "/vi" at chat console
  • you will see info in chat area (not in f3 info screen!) about the village where you are
  • location displayed in yellow, undesirable conditions in magenta, normal in cyan, lucky in bold (more details HERE)


  • just download "VillageInfo.jar" file and copy inside the plugins folder of your server
  • reload or restart it
  • v8.114 has updated config, please backup/delete/reload/edit config.yml if updating


  • configurable global localized messages, server warnings on missing messages (new in v8)
  • permissions system support (disabled by default), when enabled it has just "villageinfo.use" (n/a for ops)

¡Chile despertó!


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