giftpost.chest.everywhere - Allows the user to open their chests anywhere they want. - Allows the user to open the chest, set the default chest, buy a chest, list chests, rename chests and delete chests.

giftpost.chest.empty - Allows the user to empty chests.

giftpost.chest.send - Allows the user to send the content of a chest.

giftpost.chest.upgrade - Allows the user to upgrade their chests.

giftpost.admin.empty - Allows the user to empty other player's chests.

giftpost.admin.limit - Allows the user to set a max-chest limit for other players.

giftpost.admin.sign - Allows the user to create signs that can make you access your chests. - Exempts the user from having fees on purchase, upgrade and so on.

giftpost.admin.item - Allows the user to use /vc i to spawn an item in his chests.

giftpost.admin.sendallusers - Allows the user to send the content of his sendchest to all user who have a VirtualChest. - Allows the user to open other people's chests.

Group permissions

Instead of configuring every single permission to the groups you'd like, you can just use one of the following permission nodes:

giftpost.chest.* - Allows users to use basic commands.

giftpost.admin.* - Allows users to use admin commands and have admin abilities. Careful with this one.

Per-Group Max-Chests

If you want certain groups to be able to have more chests than other, you can do it this way.


  1. Add the following to your permissions.yml under the group name
                maxchests: <number of chests>


As of a coming update, more permissions will be added to make management easier and better.

Also all permissions will be change from giftpost.* to virtualchest.*.


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