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NOTE: Continuation of Dark_Balor's discontinued VirtualChest. Currently supporting 1.3.1

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First of all, what the heck is a VirtualChest?

A Virtual Chest is a chest that can't be accessed in the "physical world of minecraft" there is no block, nothing (except for a sign, if so desired). That means that you are the only one who can use it, items cannot be stolen, and you will not lose it when you die (configurable).

You can access whenever you want just by typing a command or using the "magical wand" (default is 56 (chest). Like in the game there is 2 types of chest, Large and Normal. You can use a virtual chest as an "envelope" to send a package of items to an other player's virtual chest. If one chest is not enough for you, you can buy more Virtual Chests. By default the limit of these is 10, but you can customize this however you want. You can also send other people the contents of your chests.


  • Every player have their own chest (depending on Permissions)
  • And can buy additional chests if they want to
  • You can send the content of your chest to a Friend
  • Offline mode works (depending on what you put in the config file)
  • Autogenerated config file at first launch.
  • AutoSaver makes you sure that you will not lose chest content
  • 2 type of chest, Large and Normal (like in the game)
  • Normal type is upgradeable ingame
  • Max-Range configurable.
  • Work with any items like coloured Wool, Dye etc ...
  • You can set a sign to avoid your player to use there chest everywhere
  • Open other people's chests! (If having the permissions node)
  • Support for All Economy Plugins with Vault.
  • Support Essentials Reload Command
  • IMPORTANT :If you use an Economy plugin you NEED Vault

Planned features:

  • Permission nodes for sign and command use.
  • MySQL support

Got any bugs or glitches? Suggestions maybe?

First off, please do not reply to the main topic with your problem/suggestion. Instead, send us a ticket. When submitting a ticket regarding a problem, you will get a suggested solution faster if you supply us with the following information:

  • Version
  • Bukkit Version
  • Vault Version
  • Plugin List
  • Permission setup


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