Standard commands

/vc ? 1,2 or 3 - to see the help's page (1,2 or 3)

/vc c (|ChestName) - open the chest ChestName. If no ChestName provided, use the default chest. (by default your first chest)

/vc s (PlayerName) - send the content of your default chest to the PlayerName

/vc e ChestName - empty the selected chest.

/vc b (large OR normal) ChestName - buy a new chest with the type and the name chosen

/vc u (|ChestName) - Upgrade the default chest if no ChestName is provided and if it's a normal chest.

/vc set ChestName (default OR send) - Set the ChestName as default chest or as send/receive chest for "gifts"

/vc l - List all your chests

/vc r oldName newName - Rename the chest oldName to newName

/vc rm <chest> - DESTROY the <chest> forever !

Admin commands

/vc lim PlayerName limit - set the chest's limit of the player named PlayerName (case sensitive)

/vc i (name|id) numberOfItem - spawn the chosen item in the send chest.

/vc s allusers - send the content of the send chest to all the users who have a VirtualChest. It's free but check the config file for max-range, world-check and allow-offline.

/vc c playerName:playerChest - open the playerChest of the playerName

/vc l playerName - list all the chest of playerName

McMMO Commands

/vc party OR /vc p (large OR normal) - Buy a VirtualChest for your party (large or normal chest)

/vc o OR /pchest - Open the party's chest


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