Do you need to understand how to program to use this plugin? NO!

You can create very nice effects without needing to understand logic flow or scripting. Just use the basic in game commands and create Walk, Click or Event Triggers with only one or two lines. To make a walk trigger that teleports a player that walks over a certain block to a location you define, simply type this one line:

/vtwalk @TP

You will me asked to click a location to teleport to and then you will be asked to click the block to set the trigger on. It can be as simple as that.

More Basic Examples:

/vtwalk @PLAYER Hello <playername> you just walked over a trigger!
Then click the block with the wand(bone) to set the walk trigger.

The above script line would tell only the triggering player the following:

Hello LexLaiden you just walked over a trigger!

You can add more script lines to the same trigger just type the following:

You will be asked to click a block to set the spawn location and then to click a block to set the trigger or add to an existing one.

The above script line will spawn two skeletons at the location you selected.
FYI - the default wand is the bone. You can change this in the config.yml

But if you do understand logic flow and some very basic script commands you can create Amazing things!


See VariableTriggers Forum

What's comming in the next update

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Read Getting Started

Read Getting Started

and after you read that check out the Help Docs For User by Uses

Thanks to @tenowg who is sponsoring a wiki website for VariableTriggers we can now get all of you involved in writing the documentation so we can have a complete in-depth and easy to understand set of instructions and examples. Please create a login and start editing and creating the documentation and web pages. http://vt.thedemgel.com/ This will truley be a community based web page. YOU help write the pages.

So far you guys have only posted probems related to scripting and most of those are just you typing somthing wrong or not understanding. What I need to now about are any Exception Errors. If nobody is getting any of these, thats great.

If and when they happen, please make a ticket on it so I know there is a problem and will fix it.


If you find this plugin useful, help with the continued development of features and funtionallity and keeping this plugin up to date by donating.

Buy me a pizza or a coke to have for those long hours sitting at the computer coding so you guys can have an AWESOME plugin.

Notepad Plus Plus UDL

KyadCK has created a visual style for Notepad Plus Plus that makes coding in VT easier!

Notepad Plus Plus UDL

You can grab a copy from the forum post, along with examples!


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