Are you new to the idea of hats? Perhaps you're a server owner trying to find a new mechanic for your survival worlds. Either way, as the TF2 developers say, hats make a game 200% more satisfying. (Or something like that...)


UtilityHats presents your server with a new dynamic in the form of hat effects. The effects for each added hat were designed to keep a balance between head-wear marginal utility and costs. We've also made sure not to diminish the value of potions and enchantments by working parallel to them.

Tutorial/Demo (First 4 hats):


  • Works right out of the box
  • Configuration updates along with our releases. (New hats are no issue)
  • The help is understandable to those who can read books
  • Supports most popular permissions systems, including: Bukkit SuperPerms (Yes that includes PEX) and Legacy Permissions
  • Players only need to know one 3-letter command.
  • Players are only shown a list of what hats they have permissions for.


  1. With a book in your hand, use "/hat" to get a list of available hats.
  2. Put the hat/block in your hand, and type "/hat".
  3. You now have a specialized hat on your cranium.


	-Gives help output
Glowstone **(Unavailable in the newest version as Minecraft does lighting client side now)**:
	-Pro: Lights up the area around you
	-Con: Attracts mobs at a greater range and through blocks
	-Pro: Can breath underwater
	-Con: Food depletes quicker
	-Con: Squids impede you, but will not drop ink or exp
	-Con: Your hat breaks upon taking damage
	-Pro: 2x less damage from mobs that can naturally be found in spawners
	-Con: 2x more damage from mobs that aren't found in spawners
	-Pro: No damage from explosions
	-Con: Fall damage is increased by 2x
	-Con: Cannot sprint
	-Pro: Explode upon taking any damage
	-Pro: Explosion is as powerful as that of a charged creeper
	-Con: Removing hat from head will deplete all food
	-Con: Trying to sneak reveals your location
	-Pro: Water source blocks walked over temporarily turn to ice
	-Con: Any damage melts your ice
	-Con: Walking over oceans reduces food faster
	-Pro: With a redstone torch in hand, you can launch others upward
	-Con: Redstone power launches you upward
	-Con: Overheat upon dropping below half health
	-Pro: Negates fall damage
	-Con: One time use


The nodes only affects what happens when they use the "/hat" command.

  • utilityhats.*: Can use any hat.
  • utilityhats.book: Can receive the help output.
  • utilityhats.glowstone: Can wear glowstone on head. (Unavailable in the newest version as Minecraft does lighting client side now)
  • utilityhats.glass: Can wear glass on head.
  • utilityhats.spawner: Can wear a spawner on head.
  • utilityhats.obsidian: Can wear obsidian on head.
  • utilityhats.tnt: Can wear tnt on head.
  • utilityhats.ice: Can wear ice on head.
  • utilityhats.piston: Can wear a piston on head.
  • utilityhats.snow: Can wear a snow block on head. By default, these permissions are given to everybody.

What if some effects don't work out with my server?: No worries, just deny the permission for that hat, surely the many other unique hats will be able to keep your players content. Because players only see a list of hats which they have access to, it'd just be like that hat doesn't exist!

Note: Please put any suggestions in a ticket. We are still adding hats and tailoring a balance, so we may be less accepting of ideas than usual in the effort to give the best result without losing efficiency.

Some hats may be consistent of usually unobtainable blocks (such as spawners or ice). In these occasions, silk touch or other plugins are meant to be used. The pro/con balance is often based on certain plugins, (such as MonsterBox and IceExtractor) but any plugin that will allow for obtaining these blocks in moderation should be fine.


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