0.45 (24.04.2012)

  • added some code to spawn mobs again when all players died and the mobs despawn (might still have some problems, this is a bit tricky to overcome)
  • added damage multiplicator to boss signs, you can put the multiplicator behind the health and range: <health>:<range>:<multiplicator> when you want the normal health or the default range (20 blocks) you must type -:-:<multiplicator>
  • added range to boss signs, you can put the range behind the health: <health>:<range> when you want the normal health you must type -:<range>
  • added an console error when the player reward false
  • added SlimeSize: when you want a slime with fixed size write on the Sign: Slime:<size>
    size can between 1 and 4
  • added console error when the class can't load.
    this should prevent a NullPointerException for corrupted classes
  • changed placeableMats mechanics
    the line placeableMats in the config.yml is now temple wide
    the signs make an exception. on the last line of the sign you can write id's of the block which can be placed in the radius of the sign or write -1 for all blocks
  • fixed problem with tnt not destroying blocks
  • fixed problem that mobs have only 1 HP
  • fixed problems with heroes
  • fixed some false translation
  • fixed bosses teleport into the lobby with ttp
  • fixed problems with continuous Spawners
  • fixed problem with bedrock spawners spawning multiple mobs
  • fixed some errors on player death
  • fixed the problem that the class-chosen message doesn't show when the class has no armor.
  • many other minor things that got forgotten in the list ;)

0.44.8 (19.04.2012)

  • added support for the Plugin Catacombs (you must have version 2.2 or above) - Thanks Blockhead2 - Ticket 14
  • added support for Potions and Enchantments in Classes.
    Potion: <potion or 373>:<count>:<potion id> for potion you must give a countnumber. when you want only one potion type 1
    Enchantment: <item>:<enchantmantid>-<enchantmantlevel> for multiple enchantmants you can write <enchantmantid>-<enchantmantlevel>;<enchantmantid>-<enchantmantlevel> every enchantmant must be seperated by a ; here are some examples how-to-use:
    Potion: potion:2:16389 <= this gives you 2 Healing Splash ThrowPotions
    Enchantment: diamond_sword:16-5;19-2 <= this gives you a diamand sword with Sharpness 5 and Knockback 2
    Here is a ItemList with Potion ID's:
  • added health to Mob Signs. to set the health write in the third line the amount of health they should have. Ticket 7 - Ticket 11
  • added continues mob spawner Ticket 10 to make a sign spawns a continues amount of mobs change the last line of a mob sign to this:
    radius is the radius in which it is triggerd when you type - it is set to 20
    time is the time in seconds between the spawn
    count is the amount of mobs which were spawned
  • added a boss sign. here is a how-to Ticket 11: Line0: [TCB]
    Line1: <Name of the Mob>
    Line2: <health of the Boss>
    Line3: <Abilitys>
    the abilitys can be multiple and must seperated by a " , " currently there are only 5 possible abilitys which are randomly choosen from Line3 every 5 seconds. A list of Abilitys can be found at the bottom of this thread.
  • added sign for placing blocks. Ticket 15
    with this sign you can restrict the placing of blocks to an area around the sign
    Line0: [TC]
    Line1: place
    Line2: <radius>
  • added placeablemats to the config. it is simular to breakablemats. when you would allow all blocks to place set it to -1
  • added feature that no items can use in the lobby Ticket 16
  • added tamed mob dies when the tamer dies
  • changed DisplayName to Name on Scoreboards to remove Prefixes such like Moderator, Admin and so on.
  • fixed problem that you are in the survival mode when you edit a temple
  • fixed problem that ladders doesn't come back when it's distroyed by a creeper
  • fixed wrong message that the game starts when it doesn't can start
  • fixed problem with chainmail armor


Nameshortname for the signdiscription
Arrowashoots an arrow on the target
Fireaurafasets every player in an radius of 5 for 5 seconds in flames
Fireballfbshoots a fireball on the target
Teleport to Playerttpteleports the boss to the target
Throw Targetttthrows the target away

0.44.7 (16.04.2012)

  • added Flat, Nether, The_End and custom generator support: /tct new <temple> (generator) generator is optional and can be Flat, Nether, The_End or the name of a Jar in plugins\TempleCraft\ChunkGenerators (Ticket 9)
  • removed Flat1.jar completly
  • fixed problem of non spawning mobs from spawner eggs (Ticket 12)
  • remove forgotten timer code (Ticket 13)
  • fixed bug when temple player was kicked from temple when an other player tried to join a temple with constant names that was full (Ticket 13)

0.44.6 (13.04.2012)

  • prepaired MobSpawnSigns for setting the maxhealth, when bukkit supports it.
  • added exception for socket error in the updatecheck function
  • fix exception when player killed by creeper

0.44.5 (12.04.2012)

  • fixed some bugs with the Multiverse Code
  • fixed some bugs with the Scoreboard
  • fixed the bug that after an explosion the blocks doesn't come back
  • start chunkload befor player port
  • implement custom waiting time for [TCS] signs. Write the seconds to wait in the last line of the sign.
  • implement a workaround for the "TickNextTick list out of synch" Error when you get this error while you walk on a [TCS] sign write a "0" in the last line of the sign. with the 0 you set the waiting time to 0 and then it works.
  • added HTTP check to prevent error when isn't availible during an UpdateCheck

0.44.4 (12.04.2012)

  • added Multiverse-Core Api and MVWorldManager to import and remove TCWorlds to the Multiverse list to prevent Multiverse Error when a Player.Teleport goes to an unimported World (maybe its the solution of the following tickets: Ticket 2 - Ticket 4 - Ticket 6)
  • change default permission for create and edit temples - Ticket 5
  • fixed problem with the scoreboard - Ticket 2
  • remove external Flatworld Chunkgenerator and replace it with the worldtype FLAT
  • finally remove old eventsystem commentare from source

0.44.3 (05.04.2012)

  • fixed Ticket 3 - Sharing items in Lobby exploit

0.44.2 (29.03.2012)

  • remove spout completely
  • added option to select whether Templecraft handle the Inventory or not
  • many internal changes and updates

0.43.1 (24.02.2012)

  • program:
    -remove serverlistener
    -remove permissions
    -remove register
    +added vault for permissions and iconomy support
    +added vault and spout to the plugin.yml
    ┬░fixed the problem of placing blokes and sneaking when the player has the permission placesign
  • code:
    ┬░change blanks to tabs
    +add {} for one line statements
  • jar:
    -remove spout and register from the jar


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