StackableItems allows you to raise or lower the default stack amounts for any item. Items can also be disabled (disallows pickup and crafting). Items can be set in three different ways: individual players, permission groups (requires Vault), and universally.

Example use cases:

  • Carrying 16 snowballs while carrying 64 cubic meters of dirt is ridiculous.
  • Carry a stack of water buckets or mushroom soup with you so you never run out
  • Make potions stack
  • Limit stacks of food for a hardcore survival server
  • Allow only privileged users to craft/pickup TNT
  • Allow individual players to craft custom items

Download: BukkitDev

Source Code: Github

Example configurations

More info on the Configurations page.

Custom configs per group/player

Each Permissions group or player can be setup to use their own custom config by creating a new file in the StackableItems directory. Examples for me would be: I am in group admin and player haveric, so I could use admin.yml or haveric.yml

A group file will override defaultItems for the Permission group.

A player file will override a group file or defaultItems for the given player.


  • - stackableitems.admin
    • Allows a player to use in-game commands to set stack amounts and reload the config.
  • Permissions can also be used to create groups which can be handled with group.yml (ex: admin.yml) files


See the options page for detailed descriptions of each option in options.yml


See the full changelog on github.

Problem or Bug?

If you are having any issues or encounter any bugs, check the issue tracker on github first, and submit a new one if needed. If you're not sure if you've found a bug or just want to ask for help, jump on the Discord server below to ask around.



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