Here are the options that are available in options.yml:

  • true: enables automatic update checks
  • false: disabled automatic update checks

Number of hours between automatic update checks

  • Defaults to 6

Currently allows furnaces to cook beyond 64 items. The client won't show it correctly, and the server can't smelt above 64 so it is faked (reverts to 63 and a counter saved) until picked up or the furnace is destroyed. Once it gets full, it will show 64 again to indicate that it is full. The full amount will still be obtainable.

  • -1: disabled
  • 1-63 (Not implemented): Ideally would limit the amount a furnace could cook, but I haven't found a way to stop the furnace from wasting fuel.
  • 65-127: Allow furnaces to cook up to this amount.

Toggles the wasted use of flint and steel in water, lava, and fire.

  • true: Flint and Steel will no longer use durability when used under water, lava, or in already existing fires.
  • false: Vanilla behavior of Flint and Steel

Used for testing issues and personal console commands. If you want to help me test issues, set this to true. If you start getting spammed with messages in the console, report those to github. At any point, you can set this to false to stop getting messages (after a "/si reload")

  • False: Disable all debug messages
  • True: Enable all debug message

[1] Max amount for an item is determined by up to three files per player:

  • player.yml (ex: haveric.yml): This will take priority over the other two.
  • group.yml (ex: admin.yml): Requires Permissions to get the groups and will override defaultItems if the player is in this permission group.
  • defaultItems.yml: Will work for everyone, unless overridden by a group or player file.