Signs - The simplest sign editing plugin

This plugin allows to edit sign by right clicking them with an configurable item. Many protection plugins are supported.


When a new version is available, it'll be downloaded and installed automatically.
You can turn off this option in the config

Edit a sign

To edit a sign, you only have to right click it with the item set in the config (default: INK_SAC:0).

Write on a sign wall

To write over multiple signs, you have to left click one of the signs with a book (book and quill or written book) and the content of the book will be transfered to the signs.
I still don't know how to deal with the displayed char amount depending on the char width (since 1.8)

Copy and Paste

Rightclick a sign with the copy-item to copy its text, leftclick another sign to paste it again
Note: When the CopyCosts/PasteCosts option is enabled, copying/pasting will only work if you have one Copy.Ink in your inventory


  • /signs - Reloads the plugin data from the configuration file.
  • /edit <line> <text> - Edits the text on the specified line
  • /colorcodes - Displays the color codes (colors the player doesn't have permissions for are italic)


  • signs.use - Allows the user to edit signs.
  • signs.copy - Allows the user to copy and paste text from one sign to another
  • signs.signwall - Allows the user to write on a sign wall.
  • signs.signcolors - Allows the user to use all colors.
    • signs.signcolors.<color> - Allows access to a single color (only if PerColorPermissions is enabled)
  • signs.reload - Allows the user to use the /signs command
  • signs.colorcodes - Allows the user to use the /colorcodes command
  • signs.edit - Allows the user to use the /edit command
  • signs.bypass.<plugin> - Protections from the plugin <plugin> are ignored.
  • signs.bypass.editcosts - Even if EditCosts is turned on, it is free to edit signs
  • signs.bypass.copycosts - Even if CopyCosts is turned on, it is free to copy text from signs
  • signs.bypass.pastecosts - Even if PasteCosts is turned on, it is free to paste text on signs


  • Locale: your_language - Your language. If it doesn't exists, english will be used
  • Action: INK_SACK:0 - The action value can be:
    • Item (default: INK_SACK:0): The item value can be the name of the item or its id
    • Sneak: Sneak to edit signs.
    • Hand: Edit signs with every item
  • EditCosts: false - if this is true, it costs one EditMaterial to edit a sign
  • SignColors: true - Enable / disable the sign colors.
  • PerColorPermissions: false - Enable / disable the ability to use enable per color permissions (higher CPU/Memory usage)
  • OnlyInOwnedRegion: false - Whether a player can only edit signs in a WorldGuard region he owns or he is member in.
  • NotifyUpdates: true - Whether update notifications are enabled or not
  • AutoUpdate: true - Whether the auto updater is enabled or not
  • Copy.Item: PAPER - The copy/paste item
  • Copy.Ink: INK_SACK:0 - The item, which is needed, if CopyCosts or PasteCosts is enabled
  • Copy.CopyCosts: false - Whether or not it costs one ink to copy a sign
  • Copy.PasteCosts: false - Whether or not it costs one ink to paste copied text to another sign

Note: WorldGuard protection are normally also supported, whenever a player can place blocks he can edit signs. If OnlyInOwnedRegion is enabled, a player can only edit signs if he's owner or member in the region. This means also that, when no region is set, he can't edit signs

Multi language support

Currently supported languages: English German Cantonese by o0smallku0o
Signs is coming with a multi language feature.
If you want to override the default messages, place a properties file called messages_[language]_[country]_[variant].properties (both the country and the variant are optional) in the signs folder, and write your own messages there.
The language code must be the same, as you've specified in the config.

If you find errors in one of the translations or if a language code is wrong, tell me that.
If you've translated it into another language and you want to share your translation, send me a pm.

Support for other plugins

Fully supported are the protections from:

- WorldGuard
- Towny
- QuickShop
- Factions
- PlotMe
- Lockette
- GriefPrevention
- ChestShop

Also NoCheatPlus is hooked in to prevent it's "AutoSign protection" from blocking Signs


Implement your ideas:
- If you have any ideas for plugins which i should support or some extra features, open a ticket and tell me them


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