Shield - A collection of common Bukkit protection plugin API
Author: Malikk
Version Beta 1.2

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Shield is an API, bridging the gap between the many region protection plugins and the common plugin. Through Shield, plugin developers can easily access a variety of methods, without hooking a specific protection plugin, and have them applied universally. Hours of work adding support for a small handful of protection plugins is a thing of the past. A lot of work has been put into making Shield as easy to use as possible, so all of the api can be found in a single interface, clearly labeled and clearly documented automatically as soon as you've configured your build path.

Plugins Using Shield


  • Get region objects from Players, Locations, and names and prioritize them based on the config's plugin preference order.
  • Run checks across several plugins and return whether or not all the plugins agree with permissions queries. (i.e. check canBuild across plugins)
  • Set, edit, and check custom flags for you plugin
  • Throw custom exceptions so you know exactly how to handle situations, such as an invalid region name or if a flag hasn't been set



To develop with Shield, all you have to do is download the jar and add it to your project's build path. For help hooking in Shield, check out the Shield Wiki.


Provided you are using a protection plugin supported by Shield and a plugin using its API, all you have to do is download Shield and drop it into your plugins folder. If you are using multiple protection plugins you can set their priorities in the config file.

Supported Protection Plugins

and soon many more!


For help implementing and using Shield, check out the Github Wiki. Use the forums here for discussion and questions, and the tickets page for suggestions and bug reports.

I'll be leaving the comment section up here until I get some actual traffic.

Shield on Github
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