A simple chat manager for your Minecraft server

RoyalChat - v0.0.8

Works with bPerms, PermsBukkit, P2/3, GroupManager, PEX, and more!

RoyalChat 0.2.0pre (rewritten again)

Channels are nicer, the config is cleaner, bugs are fixed. It's better. Grab it from here.

RoyalChat was created by myself (jkcclemens) as a simple way to manage the chat format on my server. We were previously using iChat, but the way it wanted to use permissions was too different and unsupported for me. With this in mind, I set out to create a functional chat plugin that followed in the footsteps of iChat, but uses its own code. Thus, RoyalChat was born.

RoyalChat uses suffixes, prefixes, and groups from your permissions to greatly simplify the amount of work you need to do with ranks. Unlike iChat (which has you edit another file with this information), all the data is pulled from any Vault-compatible permissions plugin. See the Permissions Example page for more information.

PermissionsEx, PermissionsBukkit (no real support), bPermissions, and GroupManager are all confirmed to be working. bPermissions support is only available in rChat v0.0.35 or above.

You can also use variables from Towny in RoyalChat (v0.0.4 or above). See Configuration for more information.

RoyalChat depends on Vault.


RoyalChat has a few commands (mainly since it's a chat formatter) that you can use.

Command Description Permission Node
/rchat Reloads the configuration file and displays the version number rchat.rchat
/me [status] Allows you to emote (e.g. "jkcclemens is hungry.")
/say [message] Speaks as the console (configurable) rchat.say
/clear Clears the chat box rchat.clear
No Command Allows the user to use color in their messages rchat.color
/ch [channel] (password) Changes the channel you're in.


RoyalChat implements Vault for Permissions. Any plugin supported by it is also supported by RoyalChat.

The permissions are listed above with the commands.


I designed RoyalChat to encompass the features that I had wanted. There are just a few, but I'm open to suggestions.

  • Caps filter! Make messages with a customizable percentage in caps lowercase! e.g. "I HATE ALL OF YOU!" becomes "i hate all of you!" - There is a bypass permission node as well
  • @[user] - Highlights the [user] in aqua to make it clear who you're talking to (not private chat) e.g. "Hi jkcclemens" would highlight "jkcclemens" in aqua with an "@" in front of it
  • Spout support for user highlighting. Achievement notifications, and a text counter (bottom-left of screen) are configurable in the config.
  • /me can be formatted
  • &[hexcode] is fully supported
  • You can edit the chat format in the config (see Configuration)
  • Auto-capitalize messages (config option)
  • URL highlighting
  • Towny integration
  • % support


  • Unknown


RoyalChat is available on BukkitDev (where you are), GitHub. Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. The continuous integration server is Bamboo.

GitHub, Dropbox, and Jenkins will all have the latest build, while the latest build on BukkitDev may be waiting on approval.


Email [email protected]
Minecraft username jkcclemens
IRC 6667 #bukkit


If you like the plugin and want to buy me a Red Bull (or help me pay the bills), consider donating.


Run RoyalChat on your server? PM me with the name and address (and a note if you want), and I'll list it here!

Of course, there's the server it was made for:

Server Name Server Address Note
RoyalCraft The server RoyalChat was built for.
UnityCraft The UnityCraft Minecraft Server ;D
EdgeWar: Darkness Stand United, or Die Divided.
ZJmineKrAft For of your KrAfting needs!
The Watershed Address A Creative/Survival Hybrid Server 100slot aus Survival Server
Eldercraft A Semi-Skyrim based Server with a lot of fun and game around 3 times a day
DiamondCraft Bukkit-powered with Survival (and the Nether), Freebuild (Creative), and War (automated CTF, PVP & SPLEEF)
Hammarecraft A Non-Profit Server.
SoftEggLand Offer survival, PvP and creative worlds. Forums @ same address.
MegaMiningland Skyblock | Creative | PaintBall | Towny
RudeCraft We are A layed back Surivival Creative Minigame server With Hungergames

The Royal Suite

Name Description
RoyalCommands A set of useful, general commands for your Minecraft server
RoyalChat A simple chat manager for your Minecraft server
RoyalMessages Change or disable login and logout messages on your Minecraft server

The Royal Suite recommends using Clarity 16x16.


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