PVP Stats

You want to keep track of your users' PVP actions? There you go. Drop the jar into your plugin folder, restart the server, change the config, restart - done!

This plugin features saving of kills, deaths and killstreaks to a MySQL database, simple as that:

Table name: pvpstats

  • name
  • kills
  • deaths
  • streak

Since v0.6 it also supports more detailed stats, so you can check the kill / death count by time

Table name: pvpkillstats

  • name
  • kill
  • time

That's the basic equipment you need to display the PVP experience of your players.


/pvpstats - show your pvp stats /pvpstats [player] - show player's pvp stats
/pvpstats [amount] - show the top [amount] players (K-D)
/pvpstats top [amount] - show the top [amount] players (K-D)
/pvpstats top [type] - show the top 10 players of the type
/pvpstats top [type] [amount] - show the top [amount] players of the type
/pvpstats cleanup - clean the database of multi entries
/pvpstats purge [amount] - purge KILLSTATS entries older than [amount] days
/pvpstats reload - reload the config
/pvpstats wipe [player] - wipe the stats [for a player]

Permission nodes:

        description: Ability to cleanup
        default: op
        description: Ability to purge
        default: op
        description: Ability to reload
        default: op
        description: Ability to wipe the stats
        default: op
        description: Permission to be counted
        default: true
        description: Permission to get global stats
        default: true
        description: Permission to block being killed to be counted
        default: false


MySQL: true
MySQLhost: localhost
MySQLuser: [sql user]
MySQLpass: [sql password]
MySQLport: [sql port]
MySQLdb: [sql database]
MySQLtable: [sql table]
MySQLkilltable: [sql kill table]

PVPArena: false
checkabuse: true
abuseseconds: -1
updatecheck: true
autodownload: true
tracker: true
collectprecise: true
clearonstart: true
kdcalculation: '&k/(&d+1)'
- doNotTrack
  active: false
  minimum: 18
  default: 1500
  maximum: 3000
    below: 32
    above: 16
    threshold: 2000
  - '&cName: &7%n'
  - '&cKills: &7%k'
  - '&cDeaths: &7%d'
  - '&cRatio: &7%r'
  - '&cStreak: &7%s'
  - '&cMax Streak: &7%m'

PVPArena: should pvpstats try to hook into PA?
checkabuse: should pvpstats disallow scoring by killing of the same player in a row?
abuseseconds: the amount of seconds after which the abuse check gets reset
updatecheck: should pvpstats check for updates on dev.bukkit.org?
autodownload: should the update checker download things automatically? (false: only announce)
tracker: may pvpstats phone home to report that your server is using it?
collectprecise: should pvpstats save each kill with timestamp?
clearonstart: should pvpstats check the database for duplicates on startup?
kdcalculation: as stated in the config, this defines the calculation for the top X list, the following placeholders are possible:

  • &k - kills
  • &d - deaths
  • &s - current streak value
  • &m - max streak value

ignoreworlds: a list of worlds that will not make kills count eloscore:

  • active: should we care about previous kills?
  • minimum: minimum score possible
  • default: default ELO score
  • maximum: maximum score possible
  • k-factor below: k-factor below threshold
  • k-factor above: k-factor above threshold
  • k-factor threshold: the border between the two k-factors


  • a MySQL database


Webstats by Pandapipino


  • pandapipino for the idea :)

Source: GitHub

Phoning home

To determine popularity and usage of PVP Stats, the server contacts my private server for information purposes. It sends your port, IP (for proper server counting), and the plugin version. That's it! If you want to disable that, set "tracker" to false in the config!

UUID ready!

As of version 0.8, PVP Stats is ready for UUIDs, as soon as your server is. It updates the database to account for the new system of Player Unique Ids. If your server is ready, it connects to api.mojang.com and updates all database entries. This can cause lag, but it should be done in a few seconds. If your server is not ready, it will fall back to standard player name lookup, even if you decide to downgrade after "testing" the latest CraftBukkit dev version. However then, you will want to reset the new config setting about UUIDs to false again, so at next start, the database is converted again.


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