English lang.yml

Punishment English lang.yml as of v2.0.

incorrect-command-usage: '&cIncorrect command usage. Usage: %usage%'
no-permissions: '&cYou don''t have permission to do that.'
player-online-false: '&c%target% is offline.'
player-exists-false: '&c%target% does not exist.'
ban-sender: '&b%target% &7has been banned.'
ban-target: '&cYou have been banned from the server by %sender% for %time%. Your ban will expire: %date%. Reason: %message%'
ban-unban-sender: '&b%target% &7has been unbanned.'
ban-active-true: '&c%target% is already banned.'
ban-active-false: '&c%target% is not banned.'
ban-history-false: '&c%target% has no ban history.'
ban-immune: '&b%target% &7is immune from being banned.'
ban-self: '&cYou can''t ban yourself.'
ban-connect: '&cYou are currently banned from the server by %sender% for %time%. Your ban will expire: %date%. Reason: %message%'
ban-info-head: '&b%target% &7banned by &b%sender% &7on &b%date%'
ban-info-active: ' &bActive: &7%active%'
ban-info-length: ' &bLength: &7%length%'
ban-info-reason: ' &bReason: &7%reason%'
ban-info-expires: ' &bExpires: &7%expires%'
freeze-sender: '&b%target% &7has been frozen.'
freeze-target: '&cYou have been frozen by %sender% for %time%.'
freeze-unfreeze-sender: '&b%target% &7has been unfrozen.'
freeze-unfreeze-target: '&7You have been unfrozen by &b%sender%.'
freeze-unfreeze-auto: '&7You have been unfrozen.'
freeze-true: '&c%target% is already frozen.'
freeze-false: '&c%target% is not frozen.'
freeze-immune: '&c%target% is immune from being frozen.'
freeze-self: '&cYou can''t freeze yourself.'
freeze-action-break: '&cYou can''t break blocks while frozen.'
freeze-action-place: '&cYou can''t place blocks while frozen.'
freeze-action-interact: '&cYou can''t interact with that while frozen.'
freeze-action-command: '&cYou can''t run commands while frozen.'
jail-sender: '&b%target% &7has been jailed.'
jail-target: '&cYou have been jailed by %sender% for %time%.'
jail-unjail-sender: '&b%target% &7has been unjailed.'
jail-unjail-target: '&7You have been unjailed by &b%sender%.'
jail-unjail-auto: '&7You have been unjailed.'
jail-true: '&c%target% is already jailed.'
jail-false: '&c%target% is not jailed.'
jail-set: '&7Set new jail location: &b%jail%'
jail-del: '&7Deleted jail location: &b%jail%'
jail-exists-true: '&cA jail by the name of ''%jail%'' already exists.'
jail-exists-false: '&cA jail by the name of ''%jail%'' does not exist.'
jail-immune: '&c%target% is immune from being jailed.'
jail-self: '&cYou can''t jail yourself.'
jail-action-break: '&cYou can''t break blocks while jailed.'
jail-action-place: '&cYou can''t place blocks while jailed.'
jail-action-interact: '&cYou can''t interact with that while jailed.'
jail-action-command: '&cYou can''t run commands while jailed.'
kick-sender: '&b%target% &7has been kicked.'
kick-target: '&cYou have been kicked from the server by %sender%. Reason: %message%'
kick-immune: '&c%target% is immune from being kicked.'
kick-self: '&cYou can''t kick yourself.'
muted-sender: '&b%target% &7has been muted.'
muted-target: '&cYou have been muted by %sender% for %time%.'
mute-unmute-sender: '&b%target% &7has been unmuted.'
mute-unmute-target: '&7You have been unmuted by &b%sender%.'
mute-unmute-auto: '&7You have been unmuted.'
mute-true: '&c%target% is already muted.'
mute-false: '&c%target% is not muted.'
mute-immune: '&c%target% is immune from being muted.'
mute-self: '&cYou can''t mute yourself.'
mute-action-speak: '&cYou can''t speak while muted.'
note-add: '&7Added note for &b%target%.'
note-delete: '&7Deleted note for &b%target%.'
note-view: '&7Viewing notes for &b%target%:'
note-list: '&b%number%. &7%note%'
note-exists-false: '&cThe note for %target% you''re trying to delete doesn''t exist.'
ticket-create: '&bTicket submitted. &7Please wait for a response.'
ticket-queue: '&bQueue position: &7%number%'
ticket-notify: '&b%target% &7has sumbitted a ticket: &b%ticket%'
ticket-claim-sender: '&7Claimed &b%target%''s &7ticket: &b%ticket%'
ticket-claim-target: '&7Your ticket has been claimed by %sender%, please wait.'
ticket-delete: '&7Deleted &b%target%''s &7ticket'
ticket-list-amount: '&7There are &b%number% &7active tickets.'
ticket-list: '&b%number%. %target%: %ticket%'
ticket-list-null: '&cThere are no tickets to display.'
ticket-view: '&b%target%''s &7current ticket: &b%ticket%'
ticket-claimed-true: '&c%target%''s ticket has already been claimed.'
ticket-exists-true: '&cYou have already submitted a ticket, please wait.'
ticket-exists-false: '&c%target% has no ticket.'
warn-sender: '&b%target% &7has been warned.'
warn-target: '&cYou have been warned by %sender%: %message%'
warn-immune: '&c%target% is immune from being warned.'
warn-self: '&cYou can''t warn yourself.'