Commands & Permissions

PWCP Cmds & Perms

New permissions will be underlined and highlighted in green.

Permissions and commands shown for PerWorldChatPlus Version 5.1.1


Note: <arg> = required. [arg] = not required. This is for ingame commands only.

Command Example Usage Permission
/pwc bypass /pwc bypass Allows bypassing per world chat (Your messages will be global) pwcp.bypass
/pwc mute /pwc mute Allows you to mute your chat and receive no messages. pwcp.mute
/pwc spy /pwc spy Allows seeing all messages, regardless of world it was in (Useful for staff to monitor chat pwcp.spy
/pwc worldspy on/off/worldName /pwc worldspy factions Allows spying on specific worlds (with permission) pwcp.worldspy.worldName
/pwc alert <world> /pwc alert shades161 Allows adding words to alert list, when that word appears in chat, you will see the message and hear a sound to notify you pwcp.alert
/pwc timedglobal <time> /pwc timedglobal 10 Turns on/off Timed Global Chat, chat will be sent to all worlds until the time is out, or turned off manually pwcp.timedglobal
/pwc set <Function> <Value> <value2> /pwc set alias world &4Factions Used to set different things ingame pwcp.set
/global <message> /global this is a global message Sends a message to all worlds.
/globalchat <message> /globalchat another global message Sends a message to all worlds.
/chatcolor /chatcolor Opens an inventory GUI for selecting a chat color
/cc /chatcolor Opens an inventory GUI for selecting a chat color



Permission Description Default
pwcp.bypass Allows bypassing of per world chat and /pwc bypass op
pwcp.mute Allows muting of chat (yours only) true
pwcp.spy Allows use of /pwc spy op
pwcp.worldspy.worldname Allows use of world spying and its functions false
pwcp.alert Allows use of /pwc alert <word> op
pwcp.set Allows use of /pwc set command functions op
pwcp.timedglobal Allows use of /pwc timedglobal <time> op Alllows use of /global and /globalchat op Allows players to use chat color in chat op
pwcp.notify.update Allows player to receive notification of new update op
pwcp.alert.mention Allows player to receive mentions in chat false