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Page is underconstruction! More details will be given soon! Just really busy!


This page is intended for developers looking to implement PerWorldChatPlus inside of their own plugin. The information on this page regards to how to implement PerWorldChatPlus inside of a bukkit plugin, javadocs, source code, etc. If you are a server owner trying to install PerWorldChatPlus on your server, check the Installation & Configuration Page
If you need help with anything, please feel free to PM me directly!!


To implement PerWorldChatPlus inside your Bukkit plugin follow these steps: Maven only, instructions for other project types will be given sometime in the future, or just convert these instructions to your project type


  1. Open up your plugin's pom.xml file.
  2. Put this code inside of it:


And this:

  1. Now that you have the source code cloned from the repo, you need the Java doc (How to implement this is different depending on your IDE)
    1. Here is the link: Just put that where your prefered IDE lets you and you will then be able to use the java doc while in your project.
  2. Almost done, just need to verify that the server has PerWorldChatPlus installed (and is using the version you want to use) put in the code below into your main class, in the onEnable() method (or where ever you like, as long as you check that it is installed before trying to use it as this will cause errors).
/* Though currently a reference is NOT needed to access
* PerWorldChatPlus methods,
* it is an easy way to check if it is installed on the server.
* It is also good to check versions as anything older than version 5.0.0
* will not support implementation or use.
if (getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("PerWorldChatPlus") != null) {
    Plugin pwcp = getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("PerWorldChatPlus");
    try {
        if (pwcp.checkVersionCompatibility("5.0.0") {
            // This accesses a boolean method and determines if it is compatible with the installed version of PWCP.
           // Useful incase servers do not have the latest patch installed.
            //Do stuff
    } catch (Exception e) {
        //Do stuff because it errored out (prevents weird stuff and console errors)

And now you are done. You have successfully implemented PerWorldChatPlus into your plugin! Now you can use it's API to help make your plugin even better!



PWCP Source Code

Source code: Javadoc:

As stated above, this page is a work in progress. More info will be given, check back soon!