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A simple plugin for minecraft servers to collect data about ore diggers

This plugins collects data about mined blocks (can be set with any block).

You can send an alert to users/admins or just store every block they destroy to easily track x-ray players.

Read more about OreAnnouncer here!

Warning: Since 2.1.0 if you wanna use commands on offline players, you have to install LastLoginAPI!


Helpful links

Documentation of OreAnnouncer

Commands reference

Full permissions list

Full changelogs

How to report a bug


Feel free to translate OreAnnouncer for your language! OreAnnouncer translations.

You can find the source code here and API for developers here.


Global features

  • Send an alert whenever a player digs a block
    • Choose to send it to users/admins/console
    • Custom sound for each block
    • Custom message for each block
  • Make a JSON alert to perform commands on click
  • Show or obfuscate coordinates of the mined block
  • You can choose any block you want
  • Light-control system
  • Placeholders system
    • PlaceholdersAPI support
    • EssentialsChat support
  • Log system
  • Supports offline players (LastLoginAPI required)


External features

  • JSON messages supported
  • Asynchronous to avoid server lag
  • Statistics system (bStats)
  • API for developers
  • Databases supported: MySQL and SQLite


Parties is based on 2 main commands, party and p. You can change them from config.yml.
You decide what Parties will become, if you are looking for a clan plugin, just change from party to clan.

OreAnnouncer uses /oa command. You can change it from config.yml.

Full list of commands here.


Before start to use OreAnnouncer you should setup permissions, you can find the full permissions list here.


Ask for help

Are you looking for help? You can find me on my own Discord server!

Frequently Asked Questions

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OreAnnouncer offers a great documentation to help you to configure it. There you can find everything that you are looking for.

These are some examples:

How can I install OreAnnouncer on Spigot/Bukkit?

Download some translations

API for developers




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