This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Since WorldGuard now has it's own flag "enderpearl", I do not intend to further update this plugin. I recommend to switch to the WorldGuard flag system. As of right now (Bukkit v. 1.8.6), the plugin still works on all Bukkit / Crafbukkit / Spigot versions.

Have you ever built an awesome adventure with great prices for players on your server to win? And then they came, inventory loaded with Ender pearls to just cheat through? This Plugin will help you keep everyone happy: you, fair players, excep tmaybe the cheaters. NoEnderpearl lets you define certain worlds or regions within a world in which the teleport function of ender pearls is simply deactivatet, while ender pearls as an item can still be used (i.e. crafting ender eyes from it) - just not to cheat.

Attantion: To everyone who updates to version 1.5 and is still using the old system and blocking enderpearls by region name: This method is no longer supported! But don't worry, to make it as easy as possible, I added the command "/noenderpearl [world]". Just run it once for each of you worlds, and all regions will be updated to the new system :)

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In Action


As already described above, this Plugin blocks the teleport function of ender pearls. You can still use ender pearls as an item, as well as any other methods of teleporting, i.e. by command. Ender pearls can either be disabled in a whole world or in a defined region within a world. Or you can combine both methods.


When using regions, the plugin stops player from porting into a blocked area, aswell as within it or out. If a player tries to use an ender pearl inside the blocked area, nothing will happen except him getting the message "Ender Pearls are not permitted in this area".


In those worlds with ender pearls disabled, they won't function whenever someone tries to throw them. Instead, he will get a message saying "Ender Pearls are not permitted in this world!"


The command "/noenderpearl reload" reloads the configuration file without you having to restart the whole server. "/nonederpearl [world]" converts all blocked regions from the old, no longer supportet name-based system to the new flag-based system. The permission for both commands is "/noenderpearl.admin".


In order for NoEnderpearl to work, you need to have worldguard by sk89q installed on your server. Then simply place the NoEnderpearl.jar file in your plugins folder and restart your server.


To define a region within which ender pearls are blocked, define a region with worldguard or use an existing one. Simply add the (none.existing) "/noend" - command to the list of the "blocked-cmds" - flag. I.e. - /region flag <regionname> blocked-cmds /noend -. If you do not know how to define a region using worldguard, please refer to their page.

Set the Flag


To block ender pearls in a whole world, you can either add its name to the config.yml or use the __global__ - region with the blocked-cmds - flag as explained above. You will find the config.yml in the NoEnderpearl folder inside the Plugins folder of your server after the first run. Add the name of your world(s) to the line "Bloocked: Worlds: ". The default value is "none". When you are done, save the config.yml and reload it with "/noenderpearl reload".



You can customize any messages appearing when a player uses ender pearls in a blocked region or world. This way you can change the to your server language or just put a more unique or fitting message there. Formatting and color codes (&4, &e, ...) are also supportet. Ope the config.yml and change the "Messages: World: " and the "Messages: Region: " to whatever fits you best.


There are two permissions you can give to certain players (OP's have them by default). "noenderpearl.admin" - gives access to all commands. 'noenderpearl.teleport" - allows a player to use enderpearl everywhere, even in blocked areas and worlds.

I hope this plugin will help you setting up a great server which everyone can enjoy! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or problems, please let me know!

Change Log

  • 1.7
    • BEAKING Update for WorldGuard and WorldEdit 6
    • Some code cleanup

  • 1.6
    • Update for minecraft 1.6.X

  • 1.5
    • Region priority support
    • Removed support for the old method with region names
    • Added command to transform regions blocked by name to the flag system (permission: noenderpearl.admin) (adds "/noend" to the blocked-cmds flag of all regions starting with "noend")
    • Added the command /noenderpearl reload to reload the configuration (permission: noenderpearl.admin)
    • Added override-Permission (noenderpearl.teleport)
    • Color and formatting code support in all messages
    • Fixed a bug blocking ender pearls in multiple worlds when using the config
    • Some performance improovements

  • 1.4
    • Compatible with Bukkit v. 1.4.6
    • Compatible with WorldGuard v. 5.6.5
    • Added a new config option to refund thrown ender pearls

  • 1.3
    • Update for bukkit 1.4.x

  • 1.2
    • Added a new way to easily disable or enable ender pearls in any region by using the blocked-cmds - Flag
    • Now blocking Ports with ender pearls from anywhere into the region, not just within it.

  • 1.1
    • Added the possibility to block ender pearls in a whole world by editing the config.yml
    • All messages are now customizable by editing the config.yml
    • Changed the console-messages on Enable and on Disable to English

  • 1.0
    • Initial Release

Planned Features

None right now.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know :)

-Although having tested this plugin on different servers in many situations without any problems, I cannot guarantee the functionality with your individual setup, and cannot be held responsible for any loss. If you have any errors, please report them providing the complete server log of this error, aswell as a list with your installed plugins and I will try to fix it.


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