No Mob Griefing

No Mob Griefing

This is a lightweight plugin that let's the user disable or enable griefing for certain mobs without having to use '/gamerule doMobGriefing false'. The player can disable or enable griefing worldwide and after configuring once, the plugin will remember it and there is no need to change the settings again.

For those who do not know, this is not the same as disabling the gamerule mobGriefing, because that will also stop snowgolems from generating snow, villagers from harvesting food (needed for a villager breeder) and the picking up of items by other mobs. This plugin enables to user to choose which mobs can grief and which mobs can not grief. This plugin also supports extra functions that are not included in the doMobGriefing gamerule, for example tnt griefing.

Update: multiworld support added in v3.0.0!

This plugin now supports multiple worlds. For servers using default Minecraft worlds this means you can toggle griefing for the overworld, nether and the end. This should also work with multiverse as long as the worlds are uniquely named.


Steps you need to take when updating from v2.6.0 or lower to v3.0.0 or higher:

  1. Write down what settings you currently have for the overworld.
  2. Delete the config file in the folder NoMobGriefing and reload the server.
  3. Configure the correct settings again.


These commands can only be executed by a player and are executed for the world the player is currently in.

/nmg - Basic command that shows info about the plugin and shows all commands that a player has permission for.

/nmg list - A command that shows a list of all mobs and wether their griefing has been enabled or disabled.

/nmg blaze[enable|disable] - Enables/disables blazes igniting blocks.

/nmg creeper [enable|disable] - Enables/disables creepers destroying blocks.

/nmg door [enable|disable] - Enables/disables zombies breaking doors.

/nmg enderdragon [enable|disable] - Enables/disables the enderdragon destroying blocks.

/nmg enderman [enable|disable] - Enables/disables endermen picking up blocks.

/nmg ghast [enable|disable] - Enables/disables ghasts destroying blocks.

/nmg item_pickup [enable|disable] - Enables/disables mobs being able to pick up items, excluding villagers and armor stands.

/nmg piglin [enable|disable] - Enables/disables piglin bartering, might be resource intensive.

/nmg sheep[enable|disable] - Enables/disables sheep eating grass.

/nmg silverfish[enable|disable] - Enables/disables silverfish entering or leaving blocks.

/nmg snowgolem [enable|disable] - Enables/disables snowgolems leaving snow trails.

/nmg rabbit[enable|disable] - Enables/disables rabits eating crops.

/nmg ravager[enable|disable] - Enables/disables ravagers destroying blocks.

/nmg tnt [enable|disable] - Enables/disables tnt destroying blocks.

/nmg tntminecart [enable|disable] - Enables/disables tnt minecarts destroying blocks.

/nmg turtle_egg [enable|disable] - Enables/disables zombies breaking turtle eggs.

/nmg trampling[enable|disable] - Enables/disables mobs trampling farmland (not the player).

/nmg wither [enable|disable] - Enables/disables withers destroying blocks.



There are only permissions for the commands, see the table below.

Permission node Default
nmg.list true (everyone)
nmg.<command>* op

* Example: nmg.enderman




  • Fixed bug where players could not pick up items when item_pickup was disabled
  • Fixed bug where missing config options would disable an option
  • Missing config options are automatically added for each available world when enabling the plugin: (re)starting/reloading the server


  • Updated to 1.18
  • Added a command to enable/disable piglin bartering (might be resource intensive)
  • Added a command to enable/disable mobs being able to pick up items (excluding villagers and armor stands)


  • Hotfix to prevent error spam in the console


  • Added multiworld support, check the description above on how to update


  • Updated to 1.17 (should work for every 1.17 version)
  • Added blaze command
  • Minor text changes


  • Added metrics
  • Minor text changes


  • Hotfix
  • Changed the versions to match industry standards


  • Updated to 1.16
  • Added a command for silverfish
  • Fixed explosions being able to destroy item/block entities (armor stands, paintings, etc.)
  • Fixed a few missing permissions
  • Commands and config are now in alphabetical order


  • Updated to 1.15
  • Added a command to enable/disable tnt minecarts destroying blocks.


  • Fixed bug where ghasts could destroy blocks (this time for real).
  • Fixed bug where withers were able to destroy blocks they came in contact with.
  • Added a command to enable/disable zombies breaking turtle eggs.
  • Renamed the 'zombie' command to 'door'. If you are experiencing any weird things, try deleting the config folder of the NoMobGriefing plugin.


  • Fixed a bug where the ghast griefing option was not working
  • Added a command to enable/disable ravagers destroying blocks
  • Added a command to enable/disable sheep eating grass
  • Added a command to enable/disable rabbits eating crops
  • Added a command to enable/disable mobs trampling farmland


  • Updated to 1.14


  • Updated to 1.13
  • Minor text fixes
  • Minor performance updates.


  • Fixed permission nodes
  • Added a command to enable/disable zombies breaking doors
  • Added a command to enable/disable tnt destroying blocks


  • Added a command to enable/disable snowgolems leaving snow behind


  • Hotfix


  • Added smart tab completion for commands
  • Organised permission nodes


  • Initial release

Suggestions/planned features

Feel free to comment what features you would like to see added in this plugin. Please contact me when something does not work properly, it helps when you attach an error message (if available).

Currently planned:

  • Nothing, feel free to suggest something in the comments down below!

Other plugins

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