Easy Deaths


Easy Deaths is a simple, lightweight plugin that makes dying a little less harsh on your server. This plugin is highly configurable and uses permissions. 


  • After death, players can check how long they have until their items despawn.
  • Players can recieve a message, telling them where they died and can find their items, this is configurable.
  • Small chests can be generated upon death, where the items will be stored. Excess items will still drop on the ground. This is also configurable.
  • A sign is placed on the chest with the death date and time.
  • When players mine their generated chest, it won't drop it.


These commands can only be executed by a player.

  • /easydeaths - Basic command that shows info about the plugin and all commands that a player has permission for.
  • /easydeaths time - This command shows a player how long it has before its items despawn.
  • /easydeaths chestgeneration [true|false] - Enables/disabled chest generation upon death.
  • /easydeaths sendlocation [true|false] - Enables/disables the location of death being send to the player.


There are only permissions for the commands, see table below.

Permission node Description Default
nmg.time Allows the player to use the time command. true
nmg.chestGeneration Allows the player to use the chestgeneration command. op
nmg.sendLocation Allows the player to use the sendlocation command. op



  • Initial release

Suggestions/planned features

Feel free to comment what features you would like to see added in this plugin. Please contact me when something does not work properly.

Currently planned features:

  • Optional sign
  • Optional bigger chest
  • Time till despawn of items


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