Quality of Life changes

Quality of Life

This is a plugin that adds features to Minecraft that enhance gameplay or make certain actions easier or more smooth. Contains both features for admins and normal players.

- Player can now use a hoe to destroy a larger area of leaves (3x3).
- Players can pick up spawners with silk touch.
- Players can create cracked bricks in the world by right clicking stone bricks with their pickaxe.
- Players can create mossy bricks in the world by right clicking stone bricks with a vine (use shift to place normally).
- Players can create colored wool in the world by right clicking wool with dye.
- Players can create iron golem/snow golem spawn eggs.
- Players can right click crops that are fully grown to harvest them and automatically replant them.
- The dragon drops its head and an elytra on death.
- A copystick, left click to copy  a block and right click to paste a block. Can be used to create blocks that cant be normally be placed, such as nether and end portals to create custom portals and paste block where they dont belong such as water in the nether or normal flowers placed on endstone.
- A command to easily change any spawner to any entity type.

Iron Golem crafting recipeSnow golem crafting recipe
Iron and Snow golem spawn egg crafting recipes.


These commands can only be executed by a player.

/qol - Basic command that shows info about the plugin and shows all commands that a player has permission for.

/qol copystick - Gives a copystick.

/qol setspawner <entity> - Sets the spawner below to the selected entity, must be on top of a spawner to work.

/qol reloadconfig - Reloads the config without the need of restarting the server.



There are only permissions for the commands, see the table below.

Permission node Default
qol.copystick op
qol.setspawner op
qol.reloadconfig op




  • Initial release

Suggestions/planned features

Feel free to comment what features you would like to see added in this plugin. Depending on the difficulty and the amount of free time I have, I might implement it. Please contact me when something does not work properly, it helps when you attach an error message (if available).

Currently planned:

  • Suggest in the comments down below!

Other plugins

No Mob Griefing - A plugin where you can customize which mobs can and can't grief.
Easy Deaths - A plugin that makes dying a little less harsch.


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