The following options are available for configuration in the config.yml file.

NB: lang.yml contains the text displayed to the user, and the displayed names for each monster type. If you want to change the "%N took %D damage. %H/%M health" message - look in that file :)


showPlayerHeadHealth: true   **NEW**

Enables health counter display below player names.

usePercentForPlayer: true   **NEW**

Changes health counter from HP to a percentage of health left (recommended).

showMobHeadHealth: true   **NEW**

Enable health bars for all mobs.

useBarForMobs: true   **NEW**

If true, use a health bar in format of [||||||||||] if false, show in format of "10/20"

usePermissions: false

If true then the permission node is needed to enable for a player.

disableSpout: false

Disable display of achievement notice.

disableChat: false

Force messages to display only if spout is detected.

showRPG: false

show RPG style notification (requires SpoutCraft).

showSideNotification: false

Show spout notification in right side notification.

disablePlayers: false

Disable notifications for player hits.

disableMonsters: false

Disable notifications for 'monster' hits.

disableAnimals: false

Disable notifications for 'animal' hits.

disablePets: false

Disable notifications for damage inflicted by pets.

damageDisplayType: 1
  1. display damage inflicted.
  2. display damage taken.
  3. display damage inflicted (-amount resisted)
  4. display damage taken (+amount resisted)
defaultToggle: true

Default state of plugin before /mobhealth toggle command. True for opt-out behaviour, false for opt-in.

hideNoDammage: false

Hide notifications that inflict 0 damage. Custom Egg and Snowball notifications are exempt.

updateCheck: true

Show notification of available updates.

doUpdate: true

Update MobHealth automatically when new download is available.