6.1.1: Detect scoreboard API and disable new health bars if not found.
Configurable player health label.
Fix for Villager Trade crash.

6.1.0: New healthbars options.

6.0.0: Updated support for Heroes, Like A Boss and Corruption.
Added Auto Updater. - Edit config 'doUpdate' to disable.

5.3.3: Update to support Bloodmoon 0.20.2

5.3.2: Update for 1.4.5 RB1.0 compatibility.

5.3.1: Fixed player names not showing sometimes.

5.3.0: Fixed Endermen and WithSkelly names.
Update to support LikeAboss 1.6.6
Update to support Bloodmoon 0.19
NEW Support for EpicBoss 2.3.8

5.2.0: Update to support 1.4 mob types - inc Baby/Villager Zombies and WitherSkellies.

5.1.3: Allow %S usage for skill name in RPG notification.
Update Mobs Support for latest beta's

5.1.2: Begin rework of side notification.

5.1.1: Start of Side Widget Clean up.

5.1.0: Dev version now 'stable' version.
Added support for BloodMoon.
Confirmed compatibility with Mob Stats.

5.0.0: Complete code refactor - added API

4.9.1: Fixed NPE when using /mobhealth toggle for first time

4.9.0: Code clean-up and metrics.

4.8.8: Heroes and Mobs compatibility fix.

4.8.7: Heroes Skill improvements.
Yet another Mobs fix ;)
Beginning of improved MA support.

4.8.6: UTF-8 fix for Simple notice.
Reworked mobs support for latest Mobs Beta

4.8.5: Improved colour support. Thanks again FeildMaster ;)

4.8.4: Fixed SimpleNotice support, for reals this time!

4.8.3: Fixed SimpleNotice support (Sorry FeildMaster!).

4.8.2: Added SimpleNotice support (Thanks FeildMaster).
Fixed Mobs support.
Various Heroes skills and edge case fixes.

4.8.1: Stopped attempts to notify offline pet owners.
Support for ZombieMod for ZARP server.

4.8.0: Persistent player toggles.
Notification of damage inflicted by tamed mobs.

4.7.2: Mobs and LikeABoss updates.

4.7.1: Swap to grownup version numbering system :)
Corrected Version number.

4.7: Spout notifications use icon of item used to inflict damage

4.6: Spout not available bugs fixed.

4.5: Two new display modes - RPG style and side notification.
Heroes support fixes.

4.4: Added option to change default toggle.

4.3: Updates Heroes support - now requires heroes build #1308+

4.2 Updated MobArena support - Works with v0.94.4.61+ (Fixes [ticket 5][

4.1 Code Cleanup - remove unused likeaboss event. (Fixes [ticket 4](

4.0 Updated plugin file - now soft depends supported plugins to load after them.
Monster Apocalypse support.

3.9 Updated to latest LikeABoss

3.8 Mobs support.
Added new 1.2 entities.

3.7 Fixed: Ender Dragon Notifications

3.6 Heroes Skill Damage Notifications.

3.5 Updated Heroes Code.

3.4 Switch to lowercase Permissions to fix PermissionsEx

3.3 Chat features moved to separate plugin.
Now in -

3.2: Initial Heroes support.
Added debug mode option to config.
New permissions node to allow toggling of other players notifications.

3.1: Initial MobArena support.

3.0: Permissions rewrite.

2.5: New bukkit event format.
Support for Likeaboss Boss entities.

2.4: "eleven" message trigger changed to trigger list in lang.yml. You can now have your own silly phrase trigger whenever you want!
Implemented flags to hide damage notifications if target is player, animal or monster.
Implemented various options for displaying damage in notifications.
Option to hide notifications that inflict '0' real damage.

2.3: /MobHealth toggle option added. Toggles display of notifications per player.

2.2: Custom messages for Egg and Snowball hits.
Just add these lines to lang.yml
chatMessageEgg: chatMessageSnowball:
spoutEggTitle: spoutEggMessage:
spoutSnowballTitle: spoutSnowballMessage:

2.1: Chat colour fixes.

2.0: Finished config file. Mob names now configurable in lang.yml.

1.9: As requested, text for notification/messages is now stored in a config file - lang.yml

1.8: Changed spout notification icon to bow for projectile hits.

1.7: Version Checker.

1.6: Now works for Projectiles!

1.5: Fixed: Displays Player name instead of 'unkn0wn' when attacking other players.

1.4: Disabled bonus chat features. Added config option to re-enable them.

1.3: Added config option to disable spout notification.

1.2: Added Permissions to optionally control who sees damage notifications.

1.1: Added Spout notification.

1.0: First release.


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