Arrow Types

Current Arrow Types:

Normal arrows
- This is the standard minecraft arrow available to all players. Don't be fooled by it's ordinary nature; with the MoArrows damage system, it can still be very deadly!
Razor arrow
- A step up from the normal arrow, this projectile's arrow head has been sharpened to an incredible level. It cuts through flesh like a hot knife through butter, so the chance for critical hits and massive damage is increased. Only one out of several arrows can be honed to this degree, so making them is a hit-and-miss process. NOTE: Critical hits must be enabled for this arrow to have any benefit over normal arrows!
- Recommended materials required: 4 arrows (5 total subtracted from inventory)
Piercing arrow
- A further step up from the razor arrow. The amazing sharpness on this arrowhead cuts though even the toughest of armor. It has the same critical hit rate as a normal arrow, but it will behave as though your target is butt-ass-naked! (negates the target's armor damage reduction)
- Recommended materials required: 1 diamond and 4 arrows
Explosive arrows
- A small powder charge is affixed just behind the arrowhead with a pressurized blasting cap at the tip. This arrow explodes on impact. It's not as powerful as a TNT blast, but a direct hit could be fatal.
- Recommended materials required: 2 gunpowder and 1 blaze powder
Compression arrows (NEW!)
- This arrow closely resembles the explosive arrow but uses a special mix of explosives. It emits a high intensity shock wave that damages players and mobs, but not blocks.
- Recommended materials required: 4 gunpowder and 1 blaze powder
Lightning arrow
- With a redstone tip, 3 foot metal shaft, and superconducting core, this arrows calls lightning from the heavens wherever it lands. It may look funny, but the pain it brings is no laughing matter.
- Recommended materials required: 1 iron ingot, 1 gold ingot, 1 redstone dust
Poison arrow
- At first glance, this arrow looks innocent enough, but on closer inspection, you notice a strange green residue coating the leading edge of this projectile. It's been specially treated with a highly toxic mix of chemical agents specifically designed to bring it's target to the brink of death.
- Recommended materials required: 1 poison potion
Slow arrow
- Much like the poison arrow, this isn't much to look at and the treatment process is very similar. However, the neurotoxins coating this arrow have a paralyzing effect on its victim. It's perfect for fleeing enemies when your running low on arrows and want to get in close with your bladed weapon of choice.
- Recommended materials required: 1 slowness potion
Net arrow
- This projectile resembles more of a spool of string than an arrow. The strengthened twine tightly woven around the shaft of this arrow unravels mid-flight to capture the target in a mesh prison. Useful in catching dinner, or catching foes!
- Recommended materials required: 10 string, 3 arrows
Fire arrow
- Set your enemies ablaze with this flaming arrow! A bit of wool, a bit of charcoal, and a zippo to light it up makes this simple weapon a deadly choice.
- Recommended materials required: 1 wool, 1 coal, 1 flint/steel
- The pinnacle of projectile craftsmanship.. This arrow takes weeks to manufacture and perfect. Aerodynamic engineering and arcane magic combine to produce the most destructive arrow to date. Firing this arrow is not to be done carelessly. It will obliterate whatever it hits, but also render the shooter deathly ill for a very long time. This is truly a weapon of mass destruction!
- Recommended materials required: 1 diamond block, 1 cauldron, 1 enchanting table, 1 brewing stand

Coming Soon:

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Discontinued Arrow Types:

Animal arrow
- The manufacturing process of the poison and slow arrow can also produce the animal arrow. Instead of poison or toxins, this arrow is infused with pheromones! Animals come running when they get a whiff of this arrow's potent mix of love juices.
- Recommended materials required: 1 wool, 1 awkward potion
Torch arrow
- The nock of this arrow ignites as it leaves the bow string. On ground impact, it stays lit for quite a while. It's only real use is to illuminate low places from a distance.
- Recommended materials required: 1 redstone dust
Water Arrow
- A marvel of physics! This arrow gathers the moisture from surrounding air and condenses it to water.
- Recommended materials required: 1 diamond, 5 redstone, 1 empty bucket
Drill arrow
- The baby brother of exploding arrow, the charge on this arrow is specifically designed to destroy dirt and rock. It may not seem useful, but .. well.. really it's not.
- Recommended materials required: 1 stone shovel


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