Update 11 October 2013: For those of you who have been asking, I no longer have the source for this plugin. I deleted all traces of it from my computer once I truly realized how Minecraft users treat developers. If you want the source, you'll have to decompile.

An honest and humbling note from MisterAverage: I've recovered my source code for the plugin. Unfortunately, after 8 months away from it, I feel like it might have well been written in a semi-foreign language. While I can still waddle my way through one procedure call to the next and make sense of it bit by bit, I can already tell that updating this archaic code (especially for the inevitable 1.6 update) will be a daunting chore for a one-man operation to say the least. I'm extremely surprised MoArrows maintained its functionality as long as it has. .

In addition, I've noticed this evening that there are quite a few other (*cough* ripoff *cough*) plugins that seem to have captured the arrow modification spotlight without giving the slightest bit of credit to original ideas coming from skeletonofchaos, ayan4m1, myself, or any other arrow modder on Bukkitdev. To be honest, that in itself sickens me enough to call it quits and just have fun with Minecraft like I did before all of this. Coding ethics just aren't what they used to be I guess. .

I've spent literally countless hours compiling a bunch of java and accompanying documentation for people that I don't know in an effort to make Minecraft a more fun game to play. In the process of doing that, I almost forgot what it was like to just have fun in this game with a group of friends without worrying about updates or tickets or testing. And quite frankly, I have more important things to attend to in my real life. I'm sure I'll still code from time to time. Hell, I might still write plugins. But in the future, they will all be public domain because they will be copied no matter what "license" i put on them. That being said, I would still be willing to assist anyone who wishes to reproduce an updated version. .

As of this message, all of my projects are open to the public (hence public domain) and free to clone, decompile, copy, alter, or whatever. I can provide source and give advice if necessary. I honestly don't care anymore. Credit me, or don't. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. I just hope I had some impact on the game, and I thank you all for sticking with me for so long. To those of you who donated, be happy in the fact that you provided the beer for late night coding sessions during the development process of this plugin, and for that I'm eternally grateful. =P .

One last thing.. I'll see you all in game. You aint gettin' rid of me that easy! =P .

-MisterAverage (in game name: _MrAverage_) .

(message updated on 4 May 2013, 01:32 CST) .


Intro: Tired of bow usage being a joke? Want to add a new dimension of excitement to PvP battles? Wish there was more depth to archery in Minecraft? If you answered yes to any of these, read on.

Each arrow has it's own unique ability that adds more versatility to archery in Minecraft. In addition, this plugin attempts to solve the huge degree of imbalance between melee and ranged attacks in vanilla Minecraft. I was amazed that a player could empty half a stack of arrows into a diamond clad attacker and still not get a kill. This plugin provides the capability to even the playing field between bows and swords and make PvP battles much more dynamic. There is now an alternative to a bunch of tanks wildly swinging blades at each other! The overall goal is to make archery more playable, particularly in PvP servers.

(NEW!) Version 2.4.2 is awaiting approval. Check back in an hour or two for the download link!

(¡NUEVO!) ¡Para obtener ayuda en español, - haga clic aquí -!



- More arrow types!
- poison, explosive, (NEW!) compression, teleport, lightning, slow, razor, piercing, fire, net, doombringer
- Perfect for a Ranger class!
- see -this page- for detailed descriptions of all arrow types.
- Beefy damage system!
- Customize all base and crit damage levels! You decide what damage the bow does!
- Replaces default crit system with a newer, sexier one
- See -this page- for notes on physical vs. special damage
- Take your time and aim.. damage is increased when crouching (sneaking) while shooting!
- Customize arrow damage over time effects (fire, poison, etc)!
- Heavy armor reduces bow effectiveness.. it's hard to shoot with plate armor on!
- For advanced users, you can customize the damage penalty levels!
- Control who can use what arrows with new permissions support!
- Add arrow cooldowns!
- Add item costs for arrow types! Want the player to have TnT for an exploding arrow? No problem!
- Add up to 10 item type requirements (64 items per requirement max) per arrow!
- (You will never need more than this.)
- WorldGuard support! Keep those deadly arrows out of safe regions!
- If a region does not allow PvP, the arrow does no damage.
- Towny support! Keep those deadly arrows out of non-PvP towns!
- If a town has disabled PVP, the arrow does no damage.
- Factions support! Add protection to faction zones!
- Enable or disable block explosion and fire damage in the config.
- Safe and peaceful zones are now protected against special arrows.
- (NEW!) Users can now remove unwanted arrow types from bow cycling! See the usage instructions!
- (NEW!) Customize razor and piercing multipliers as well as doombringer poison duration!

- (If upgrading,) read the changelog for the version you have downloaded.
- (If upgrading,) delete or remove previous version's MoArrows files from the server's plugin directory
- Run or /reload the server with the MoArrows jar in the plugins folder to generate the default config
- Edit config to your desire (see the default config -on this page-)
- Install a permissions plugin, preferably PermissionsBukkit 1.6 or PermissionsEX 1.19.1
- If your server uses Towny, make sure you're using version or later
- (optional) Install WorldGuard and WorldEdit
- Add or remove permissions to your liking (see sample permissions -on this page-)
- Restart or /reload your server for all changes to take effect
- Test your setup before going live with your users!
- If you have a quick question about a feature or setting, feel free to ask in the comments below.
- Problems? Please submit a ticket! It's the quickest and most organized way to get help. An example of the perfect ticket can be found - here -! This ticket was extremely detailed an allowed me to locate and fix the problem in very little time with no additional information required. If you do not follow the ticket format, you ticket will be declined. Period.

A note about permissions: If I set all permission defaulted to false, people who are unfamiliar with permissions usage complain that the plugin doesn't work. If I have them defaulted to true, people who are unfamiliar with permissions usage complain about everyone having use of all permissions. ALL MoArrows permissions can be enabled or disabled to suit your needs if you learn how to use your permissions plugin well. Please do not post any more questions about permissions unless you have exhausted all other options for learning the system.


Most arrows are enabled by default, yes. Please check out the default permissions to see what is and isn't enabled at the following link..

The reason most types are enabled by default is because, when they were all set to false, so many permissions newbs complain that the plugin doesn't work when they haven't set any permissions for it (and subsequently uninstall MoArrows). Unfortunately, now that I've set many permissions default to true, I have people complaining that everyone can use "all" the arrow types.

It's an unfortunate double edged sword at my neck. If I set all to false, people say it doesn't work.. if i set all to true, people complain that it works for everyone. I don't have a remedy for this aside from saying to everyone "LEARN PERMISSIONS!" =)

- left click with bow to cycle through arrow types
- Shift+left click to cycle backwards
- /moarrows [arrowtype] - disables or re-enables arrow types in the selection sequence at the user level
- /moarrows list - lists important config values
- /moarrows help - shows a quick command reference
- /moarrows help [arrowtype] - displays arrow summary and required materials
- /moarrows reload - reloads all config.yml values
- /moarrows version - displays the server's version of MoArrows

moarrows.use.all (default: false)
moarrows.bypassmaterials (default: false)
moarrows.bypasscooldowns (default: false)
moarrows.allowcrit (default: true)
moarrows.use.[arrow type goes here] (default: true except teleport and doombringer)
moarrows.list (default: true) (default: true)
moarrows.reload (default: op)
Arrow types are currently normal, poison, explosive, compression, teleport, lightning, slow, razor, piercing, fire, net, and doombringer. Note: The superperms bug has been fixed. You can now safely disable features of MoArrows with them.

Change Log:
Please see v2.4.1 download page for the full changelog.


Special thanks: First and foremost, I'd like to thank ayan4m1 (the developer of multiarrow) for creating the initial framework for the first few versions of MoArrows. A big shout out goes to Shanko (owner of for being the first server owner to beta test for me. I couldn't have completed the Towny support without the testing from Zombiemold. Factions support wouldn't have happened without spacecakeXD and Imkingoflive. A really cool guy named Cecell helped me out a bunch with McMMO testing on his server. LastWishESP from Youtube deserves muchas gracias for his 2.3.3 file translation and tutorial video. Thanks go out to Clanforge AKA for adding MoArrows. Also, I am incredibly grateful for those of you who've donated to this project so far, as well as those of you who are considering doing so in the future.


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