Installation Part 1 - The Plugin

  1. Download MineloadPlugin.jar and drop it into your plugins folder.
  2. Start server to generate config.yml.
  3. Edit the config.yml to set your own access password.
  #What port MineloadPlugin listens on. Default should be fine. 
  #If you have a NAT/firewall you might need to port forward.
  port: 25500

#The password to protect access to the xml data.
password: changemenow539

Restart your server and test your connection Visit http://your-minecraft-server-ip:25500/?password=changemenow539 to test

You should see something like this in your browser:

  <motd>A Minecraft Server</motd>
  <osname>Mac OS X</osname>
  <heartbeat ticktime="1000">926</heartbeat>

Now, refreshing the page to see how your server is performing wouldn't very fun reading raw XML would it? Well unless you write your own PHP, javascript or python parser to display it however your like. Or install the PHP web interface on your website.

Installation Part 2 - The Web Interface