What is Mineload?

Mineload is a plugin to view critical status data of a bukkit server. It generates XML which can be read by any computer or mobile device. It also comes with an optional web interface for viewing this data in an intuitive way and takes advantage of JSONAPI features.

Current Main features

  • View Playercount, Message Of the Day, Latency
  • Server Tickrate, time per tick, heartbeat.
  • Network traffic gauges
  • Live YML editor. No more uploading yaml configs for your plugins.
  • Realtime WebSocket console viewer
  • Player info (ban/kick/ip ban/ live graph of world with connected players (GEOIP)
  • World info table.
  • Plugin version table.
  • Server disk and network usage graphing.
  • Player inventory viewer and reverse chest lookups!

Installation Instructions Part 1 - The Plugin

Installation Instructions Part 2 - The Web Interface

The Web Interface

Mineload Web interface dashboard

Live text editing

Live text editor

Real-time Server Console

WebSocket server console

Installed plugins version table

Plugin table View all your players inventories on one page... and view ALL their private chest contents. Inventory and chest browser

The generated XML [I added comments]

<motd>A Minecraft Server</motd>
  <totalplayers>1</totalplayers><!-- Total players that your server has had log in -->
  <maxmemory>989</maxmemory><!-- not to be confused with system memory usage -->
  <osname>Mac OS X</osname>
  <cwd>/Users/tim/b</cwd><!-- current working directory where its running -->
  <!-- heartbeat will range from 0-1000 normally, higher values could be a problem -->
  <heartbeat ticktime="1000">926</heartbeat> 
  <!-- bytes transmitted on network card, can be buggy -->
  <!-- Time taken to generate response data (ms) -->

GitHub Repository - MineloadPlugin


GitHub Repository - Mineload Web Interface



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