A mighty tool that allows to create, modify and replace monsters/bosses with custom attributes, such as:

  • Special abilities,
  • Maximum hitpoints,
  • Potion effects,
  • Itemsets,
  • Drops,
  • Experience drops,
  • Mounts
  • Attack damage
  • Custom strength rating to replace natural spawns

Extended description:

  • Supports multiple worlds with own configuration sections for each.
  • The item names and lores allow to drop so-called epic-gear and can use unsafe enchantments.
  • You can create and edit setups out of the game or edit them in their own .txt files. Creating setups out of the game, you need to have a setup book in the inventory. "/mc" tells you how it has to be set up. Your potioneffects will also apply to the setup with almost infinite duration. If you wish shorter potioneffects to take place, you will have to modify the duration in the .txt file.
  • You can replace normally spawning mobs with MegaCreeps. This is further supported, giving you the ability to modify the relation between stronger rated and weaker rated mobs. You can do the rating yourself.
  • The plugin comes with a number of basic setups that will always be present. You are free to edit them or take them out of usage by deleteing them from the config.
  • The bounty can be modified. You can drop virtually everything. Please note: Not all deathcauses make the MegaCreeps drop their items. Mob traps with such things as lava or pistons fail to get the mob's drops.
  • Special abilites can be used. You can look up the currently active abilities for a list.
  • There is an API for modders that want to customize the usage.

Links and Infos:

You can support my developing time by donating. The more people donate, the more time can I invest into this plugin.


Config and permissions

TXT files and how to edit them

Available mobtypes

Available abilities

Quicklink to creating custom items

How do I do...? (FAQ with some basic line examples)


Some servers that use this mod


From version 0.1.0 ->0.1.1

(none needed, automatically updates)

From version 0.0.9 ->0.1.0

(none needed, automatically updates)

From version 0.0.8 ->0.0.9

(none needed, automatically updates)

Personal thanks, contact and favors:

If you need to, you can contact me at my business skype account: demaggobukkit

You can ask me to add your server to the list "servers using this plugin"

Thanks go to the team of, giving me the possibilities of good testing and fun for all the years.

This plugin is still being developed. Please report bugs and problems you found.


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