Why am I not being paid

I have economy mod blah and I'm not being paid when I do a job. Why am I not being paid?

The most common cause of this is you either: Did not change payment_type from xp to money and you didn't switch payment_mod from none to vault or register; You're using too old of a version of Register. It requires 1.6 or higher only; You're using too old a version of Vault. You need at least 1.2.13 or higher.

How can I get a message every time I get paid?

How can I get a message every time I get paid?

Go into the config file and add show_every_time: true below basepay for the job you want it to show every time. Jobs that have break or place payments are very spammy if you do this.

All my players can use /jobs join, etc...

All my players can use /jobs join, leave, list, etc but I don't want them to. Please help!?!

Did you make sure to switch usePerms to true in the config file? Starting with 2.0.0 the mod defaults to usePerms: false. This gives the average person the ability to just put the plugin in their plugins folder and start using it. If you're savvy enough to use a permissions mod I figure you're savvy enough to change a boolean value in a text file.

Something isn't working right? What can I do?

Something isn't working right? What can I do?

The best start is to delete your config.yml file and reload the mod and see if that fixes it. If not feel free to ask with any relevant information in your server.log.

Could not pass event

I'm getting an error that starts with Could not pass event blah to mcjobs. What does that mean?

MC Jobs is designed, on purpose, to use a very low event priority. If one of your other mods breaks the event stream then MC Jobs will not get it and will throw an error message. Look down further to where it says Caused by: If that says java.lang.NullPointerException then let me know. Otherwise it's most likely another mod that is out of date.

Can you add ... ?

Can you add ... ?

Pretty much anything can be added but I don't want this to bloat too much. It's just a paying mod. My goal is to have every natural player action be able to be paid at some point. The primary goal of this mod is to interject money into the system. Inflation is to be expected. You can slow inflation by lowering the basepay numbers of all the jobs.

Multi World support

How can I add multi world support?

First you need to make sure that usePerms is true. You need a permission mod of some sort. Next you need to switch multiWorld to true. Lastly there is two ways to do permissions. The first is to use mcjobs.world.all this will give your players the ability to get paid in all worlds. The next is to do world specific permissions. Your world name cannot have spaces. So if your world was called Trample. The permission would be mcjobs.world.Trample

Job rejoining

Jobs can immediately be rejoined after leaving them. I thought you said that there would be a timer before you coud rejoin?

This is true however it requires the use of permissions mod. Maybe at some point I'll add a built in permission manager for it's own permissions, but for right now you have to have Vault. Vault has to be the primary mod, not Register. Also you need to make sure usePerms is set to true. Once that is done you'll have to add permissions to what jobs people can join. The blocker works by assigning the inverse of the perm to the player for the specified time frame.


I'm trying to run this on a Tekkit server and my custom blocks give error messages. What can I do?

MC Jobs is designed to work on a stock craftbukkit server. If you start hacking the jar file to add extra functionality I cannot guarantee it will work. All my calls are bukkit calls. Proper custom block support needs to be done without effecting the enums of the stock bukkit configuration. The modloader that comes with Tekkit heavily modifies bukkit.


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