English Localization file

    playeronly: "Can only be done by a player!"
    permission: "&6%p&c you do not have permission to do this!"
    args: "&6%p&c you gave too many arguments!"
    exist: "&cThe job &6%j&c does not exist!"
    rejoin: "&7You can now rejoin the &6%j&7 job."
    show: "&7Now &ashowing&7 pay messages for the &6%j&7 job."
    hide: "&7Now &chiding&7 pay messages for the &6%j&7 job."

    and: and
    hours: hours
    hour: hour
    minutes: minutes
    minute: minute
    days: days
    day: day
    weeks: weeks
    week: week
    months: months
    month: month
    message: "&aYour &6MC Jobs&a have earned you &6%j&a in the past &c%g&a."
    overpay: "&e%p&a, you are exhausted and cannot earn more from &6MC Jobs&a for awhile."

    employed: "--   &cEmployed"
    unemployed: "-- &9Unemployed"
    default: "--    &3Default"
    basepay: Base Pay
    charge: CHARGE
    pay: PAY
    level: LEVEL
    rank: RANK
    exp: XP
    break: BREAK
    place: PLACE
    defeat: DEFEAT
    fishing: FISHING
    craft: CRAFT
    repair: REPAIR
    enchant: ENCHANT
    potions: POTIONS
    tier: TIER

    have: "You already have &6%j&c!"
    join: "%p has joined &9%j&7."
    toomany: "&6%p&c you have too many jobs.  To join a new job:"
    command: "/jobs leave [job]"
    jobperm: "&6%p&7 You don't have permission to join &9%j&7"
    timer: "&7You cannot join &6%j&7 for another &c%g&7."
    quit: "You have quit &6%j&7."
    donthave: "You do not have the &6%j&c job."
    leavedefault: "You cannot leave &6%j&c because it is a default job."

    available: "&e%p&2, available jobs are:"
    jobsin: "Jobs in &cred&2 you already have."
    nojob: "Jobs in &8dark grey&2 are unavailable to you."
    defaultjob: "Jobs in &3dark aqua&2 are default jobs."
    specific: "To learn about a specific job type: &e/jobs [job name]"    
    jobs: "JOBS:"

    page: PAGE
        line1: "&7   Welcome to &3MC Jobs&7.  &3MC Jobs&7 is a mod designed to allow you"
        line2: "&7to earn money doing various activities on the server based"
        line3: "&7upon the jobs you choose."
        line4: ""
        line5: "&2   To get started you need to choose a job.  You can find"
        line6: "&2what jobs are available by typing &e/jobs list &2into the chat box."
        line7: ""
        line8: "&2Learn more about each job by typing into the chat box:"
        line9: "&e/jobs [job_name]"
        line10: ""
        line11: "&e[job name] &2can be any job name, for example &6digger&2."
        line12: "&e/jobs join &2and&e leave &2are explained on the next page."
        line1: "&2You can join a job by typing the command:"
        line2: "&e/jobs join [job name]"
        line3: ""
        line4: "&2Joining a job will allow you to earn and lose money based upon"
        line5: "&2the pay tables of each job.  You are only allowed to have a"
        line6: "&2maximum of &c%j&2 jobs on this server."
        line7: ""
        line8: "&2You can leave a job by entering &e/jobs leave [job name]"
        line9: "&2Once you have the maximum number of jobs the server allows,"
        line10: "&2the only way to choose new ones is to leave an existing job."
        line11: ""
        line12: "&2To learn more about &e/jobs list&2 go to the next page."
        line1: "&2   The list command at a quick glance gives useful"
        line2: "&2information about what jobs are available to you and what"
        line3: "&2jobs you cannot take."
        line4: ""
        line5: "&2Jobs that you have are in &cred&2.  Jobs that you can take are in"
        line6: "&6gold&2.  Jobs that are unavailable to you are in &8dark grey&2."
        line7: ""
        line8: "&2Default jobs are in &3dark aqua&2.  They are jobs that are"
        line9: "&2given to everyone logging into the server.  Only players with"
        line10: "&2the &cmcjobs.admin.leavedefault&2 perm can quit &3default&2 jobs."
        line11: ""
        line12: "&2Continue the &elist&2 command on the next page."
        line1: "&2Lastly it tells you how many jobs you have versus the max"
        line2: "&2jobs the server allows, which is &c%j&2 on this server." 
        line3: "" 
        line4: "&2  The &e/jobs leave&2 command works the same as the &ejoin"
        line5: "&2command.  You can only leave jobs that you have already"
        line6: "&2joined.  This will allow you to pick up new jobs in case you"
        line7: "&2change your mind on what you want to be."
        line8: ""
        line9: "&2Once you leave a job you cannot rejoin it for a server"
        line10: "&2specified time frame.  The default is 1 hour."
        line11: ""
        line12: "&2To learn about &e/jobs [job name] continue to next page"
        line1: "&2  The &e/jobs [job name]&2 command gives the player all the"
        line2: "&2information they need to know about each job."
        line3: ""
        line4: "&2The first line starts with the &3jobs name&2 and is followed by"
        line5: "&2whether you are &cemployed&2 by the job or whether you are"
        line6: "&2not part of the job.  In which case it will say &9unemployed&2."
        line7: "&2Next it tells you the &abase pay&2 of the job.  This figure is how"
        line8: "&2much money or xp &6TIER1&2 will pay you upon doing the &eaction&2."
        line9: "&2The last bit of information this line tells the player is whether"
        line10: "&2the job &apays&2 or &ccharges&2 the player for completing &eactions&2."
        line11: ""
        line12: "&2The next page will explain the subsequent lines of &e/jobs [job]"
        line1: "&2As said a job can both &apay&2 and &ccharge&2 the player.  As an"
        line2: "&2example, the &6miner&2 job &apays&2 the player for breaking &7iron ore&2."
        line3: "&2However if you place &7iron ore&2 it will &ccharge&2 you money instead."
        line4: ""
        line5: "&2If you are currently &cemployed&2 with the job it will show you"
        line6: "&2your current &6level&2 and &6rank&2 in the job."
        line7: "&2The second line is the jobs &6description&2."
        line8: ""
        line9: "&2After the dashes is what the jobs &eactions&2 are and what blocks"
        line10: "&2or entities are used by the job."
        line11: ""
        line12: "&2The next page will explain the job &eactions&2."
        line1: "&2The actions are: &6BREAK&2, &6PLACE&2, &6DEFEAT&2, &6CRAFT&2, &6REPAIR&2,"
        line2: "&6FISHING&2, &6POTIONS&2, and &6ENCHANT&2."
        line3: ""
        line4: "&6BREAK&2: Is the action of breaking blocks like &7dirt&2."
        line5: "&6PLACE&2: Is the action of placing blocks like &7stone stairs&2."
        line6: "&6DEFEAT&2: Is the action of killing monsters like &7spiders&2."
        line7: "&6CRAFT&2: Is the action of crafting items like &7wood sword&2."
        line8: "&6REPAIR&2: Is the action of repairing items like &7stone shovel&2."
        line9: "&2This covers both the &6mcMMO&2 repair and the vanilla repair."
        line10: "&6FISHING&2: &aPays&2 or &ccharges&2 whenever you use a fishing rod to"
        line11: "&2catch an entity or fish."
        line12: "&6Potions&2 and &6Enchants&2 are covered on the next page."
        line1: "&6POTIONS&2: &aPays&2 or &ccharges&2 for using a brew stand to make"
        line2: "&2potions."
        line3: "&6ENCHANT&2: &aPays&2 or &ccharges&2 when the player enchants an item."
        line4: ""
        line5: "&eEnglish&c localization done by: &6RathelmMC"
        line6: "&eFrench&c localization done by: &6Monezombie"
        line7: "&eGerman&c localization done by: &6Not Implemented"
        line8: "&eNederlandse&c localization done by: &6Dreeass"
        line9: "&eRussian&c localization done by: &6&6Grim_joy"
        line10: "&eSpanish&c localization done by: &6Not Implemented"
        line11: ""
        line12: "&7More info at:&6 http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mcjobs/"
    endofpage: "&7Continue on Page %g"
    command: "&6/jobs help %g"
    finish: "&7END OF HELP FILE"
    nohelp: "&7%g&c is not a help page!"

    permission: "&6%p&c you do not have permission to do this!"
    failedreload: "&cFailed to reload the plugin!"
    succeedreload: "&6MC Jobs&c has been reloaded!"
    defaults: "&7Defaults have been added to the config.yml file."
    args: "&cToo many arguments for &e/jadm&c.  So this is the end, we're going to test a ridiculously long string."
    exist: "&6%j&c does not exist!"

    args: "&cWrong arguments:  &e/jadm add [player/group] [job_name]"
    offline: "&6%p&c group doesn't exist or isn't a player that has been seen!"
    novault: "&6%p&c is not a known player!"
    hasjob: "&6%p&7 already has the &9%j&7 job."
    empty: "&7There are no &eplayers&7 online in the &6%p&7 group."
    added: "&6%p&7 has been added to &9%j&7."
    padded: "&6%p&2 you have been added to the &9%j&2 job by a server admin."

    args: "&cWrong arguments:  &e/jadm remove [player/group] [job_name]"
    nojob: "&6%p&7 does not have the &9%j&7 job."
    nodefault: "&6%p&c you do not have permission to remove &3default&c jobs!"
    removed: "&6%p&7 has been removed from &9%j&7."
    premoved: "&6%p&2 you have been removed from the &9%j&2 job by a server admin."

    args: "&cWrong arguments:  &e/jadm list [player/group]"
    playerlist: "&2%p&7: %g"
    nojobs: "&2%p&c has no jobs."
    wrongpage: "&e%g is not a proper page number.  Using page 1 instead."

    line0: "This server runs:"
    line1: "&aTo see what jobs are available type: &e/jobs list"
    line2: "&aTo join a job type: &e/jobs join [job_name]"
    line3: "&aPlay, &2earn money&a, and have fun!"
    toolow: "&eYour pay scale is too low for an &6XP&e based economy.  Consider switching &2pay_scale&e to high in the config.yml file."
    outofdate: "&eConfig.yml is out of date.  &6MC Jobs&e may not work properly without reloading the config file."

    level: "&eYou are now level &6%g&e in &6%j&e."
    reset: "&eYour level in &6%j&e has been reset to &c0&e."
    rank:  "&eYou are now rank &6%g&e in &6%j&e."
    added_lvl: "&7You have given &6%p &a%g&7 levels in &6%j&7."
    padded_lvl: "&7You have been given &a%g&7 levels in &6%j&7 by a system admin."
    added_xp: "&7You have given &6%p &a%g&7 experience in &6%j&7."
    padded_xp: "&7You have been given &a%g&7 experience in &6%j&7 by a system admin."
    nojob: "&6%p&c doesn't have the &6%j&c job."

    pay: "&aThe &6%j&a job has paid you &6%g&a %p."
    payxp: "&aThe &6%j&a job has earned you &6%g&a experience."
    charge: "&aThe &6%j&a job has cost you &c%g&a %p."
    chargexp: "&aThe &6%j&a job has taken &c%g&a experience."
    currency_single: dollar
    currency_plural: dollars
    jobslist: 16
    display: 4
    displaytwo: 8
    displaythree: 4
    chargelen: 7
    numhelp: 8

    blaze:        Blaze
    cow:          Cow
    cave_spider:  Cave Spider
    chicken:      Chicken
    creeper:      Creeper
    dropped_item: Fish
    ender_dragon: Ender Dragon
    enderman:     Ender Man
    ghast:        Ghast
    giant:        Giant
    iron_golem:   Iron Golem
    magma_cube:   Magma Cube
    mushroom_cow: Mooshroom Cow
    npc:          NPC
    ocelot:       Ocelot
    pig:          Pig
    pig_zombie:   Pig Zombie
    player:       Player
    sheep:        Sheep
    silverfish:   Silverfish
    skeleton:     Skeleton
    slime:        Slime
    snowman:      Snowman
    spider:       Spider
    squid:        Squid
    villager:     Villager
    wolf:         Wolf
    zombie:       Zombie

    water:            Water
    awkward:          Awkward
    thick:            Thick
    mundane:          Mundane
    mundane_ext:      Mundane Extend
    regen:            Regen
    regen_ext:        Regen Extend
    regen_two:        Regen II
    regen_two_ext:    Regen II Extend
    regen_spl:        Regen Splash
    regen_ext_spl:    Regen Extend Splash
    regen_two_spl:    Regen II Splash
    swift:            Swift
    swift_ext:        Swift Extend
    swift_two:        Swift II
    swift_two_ext:    Swift II Extend
    swift_spl:        Swift Splash
    swift_ext_spl:    Swift Extend Splash
    swift_two_spl:    Swift II Splash
    fire_res:         Fire Resist
    fire_res_ext:     Fire Resist Extend
    fire_res_spl:     Fire Resist Splash
    fire_res_ext_spl: Fire Resist Extend Splash
    poison:           Poison
    poison_ext:       Poison Extend
    poison_two:       Poison II
    poison_two_ext:   Poison II Extend
    poison_spl:       Poison Splash
    poison_ext_spl:   Poison Extend Splash
    poison_two_spl:   Poison II Splash
    health:           Healing
    health_two:       Healing II
    health_spl:       Healing Splash
    health_two_spl:   Healing II Splash
    weak:             Weak
    weak_ext:         Weak Extend
    weak_two:         Weak II
    weak_spl:         Weak Splash
    weak_ext_spl:     Weak Extend Splash
    weak_two_spl:     Weak II Splash
    strength:         Strength
    strength_ext:     Strength Extend
    strength_two:     Strength II
    strength_two_ext: Strength II Extend
    strength_spl:     Strength Splash
    strength_ext_spl: Strength Extend Splash
    strength_two_spl: Strength II Splash
    slow:             Slow
    slow_ext:         Slow Extend
    slow_two:         Slow II
    slow_spl:         Slow Splash
    slow_ext_spl:     Slow Extend Splash
    slow_two_spl:     Slow II Splash
    harm:             Harm
    harm_two:         Harm II
    harm_spl:         Harm Splash
    harm_two_spl:     Harm II Splash
    rev_fire_res:     Fire Resist
    rev_slow:         Slow
    rev_health:       Healing
    rev_harm:         Harm
    rev_weak:         Weak

    arrow_dmg_1:      Arrow Damage I
    arrow_dmg_2:      Arrow Damage II
    arrow_dmg_3:      Arrow Damage III
    arrow_dmg_4:      Arrow Damage IV
    arrow_dmg_5:      Arrow Damage V
    arrow_fire:       Flame Arrows
    arrow_inf:        Infinite Arrows
    arrow_knock_1:    Arrow Knockback I
    arrow_knock_2:    Arrow Knockback II
    sharp_1:          Sharpness I
    sharp_2:          Sharpness II
    sharp_3:          Sharpness III
    sharp_4:          Sharpness IV
    sharp_5:          Sharpness V
    boa_1:            Bane of Anthropods I
    boa_2:            Bane of Anthropods II
    boa_3:            Bane of Anthropods III
    boa_4:            Bane of Anthropods IV
    boa_5:            Bane of Anthropods V
    dmg_undead_1:     Smite I
    dmg_undead_2:     Smite II
    dmg_undead_3:     Smite III
    dmg_undead_4:     Smite IV
    dmg_undead_5:     Smite V
    efficiency_1:     Efficiency I
    efficiency_2:     Efficiency II
    efficiency_3:     Efficiency III
    efficiency_4:     Efficiency IV
    efficiency_5:     Efficiency V
    unbreaking_1:     Durability I
    unbreaking_2:     Durability II
    unbreaking_3:     Durability III
    unbreaking_4:     Durability IV
    unbreaking_5:     Durability V
    fire_aspect_1:    Fire Aspect I
    fire_aspect_2:    Fire Aspect II
    knockback_1:      Knockback I
    knockback_2:      Knockback II
    fortune_1:        Fortune I
    fortune_2:        Fortune II
    fortune_3:        Fortune III
    looting_1:        Looting I
    looting_2:        Looting II
    looting_3:        Looting III
    respiration_1:    Respiration I
    respiration_2:    Respiration II
    respiration_3:    Respiration III
    protection_1:     Protection I
    protection_2:     Protection II
    protection_3:     Protection III
    protection_4:     Protection IV
    blast_prot_1:     Blast Protection I
    blast_prot_2:     Blast Protection II
    blast_prot_3:     Blast Protection III
    blast_prot_4:     Blast Protection IV
    feather_fall_1:   Feather Fall I
    feather_fall_2:   Feather Fall II
    feather_fall_3:   Feather Fall III
    feather_fall_4:   Feather Fall IV
    fire_prot_1:      Fire Protection I
    fire_prot_2:      Fire Protection II
    fire_prot_3:      Fire Protection III
    fire_prot_4:      Fire Protection IV
    proj_prot_1:      Projectile Protection I
    proj_prot_2:      Projectile Protection II
    proj_prot_3:      Projectile Protection III
    proj_prot_4:      Projectile Protection IV
    silk_touch:       Silk Touch
    aqua_affinity:    Aqua Affinity
    air:                  Air
    apple:                Apple
    arrow:                Arrow
    bed:                  Bed
    bed_block:            Bed
    bedrock:              Bedrock
    birch_wood_stairs:    Birch Wood Stairs
    blaze_powder:         Blaze Powder
    blaze_rod:            Blaze Rod
    boat:                 Boat
    bone:                 Bone
    book:                 Book
    book_and_quill:       Book and Quill
    bookshelf:            Bookshelf
    bow:                  Bow
    bowl:                 Bowl
    bread:                Bread
    brewing_stand:        Brewing Stand
    brewing_stand_item:   Brewing Stand
    brick:                Brick
    brick_stairs:         Brick Stairs
    brown_mushroom:       Brown Mushroom
    bucket:               Iron Bucket
    burning_furnace:      Furnace
    cactus:               Cactus
    cake:                 Cake
    cake_block:           Cake
    cauldron:             Cauldron
    cauldron_item:        Cauldron
    chainmail_boots:      Chainmail Boots
    chainmail_chestplate: Chainmail Tunic
    chainmail_helmet:     Chainmail Coif
    chainmail_leggings:   Chainmail Leggings
    chest:                Chest
    clay:                 Clay
    clay_ball:            Clay Ball
    clay_brick:           Clay Brick
    coal:                 Coal
    coal_ore:             Coal Ore
    cobblestone:          Cobblestone
    cobblestone_stairs:   Cobblestone Stairs
    cocoa:                Cocoa
    compass:              Compass
    cooked_beef:          Steak
    cooked_chicken:       Grilled Chicken
    cooked_fish:          Fried Fish
    cookie:               Cookie
    crops:                Crops
    dead_bush:            Dead Bush
    detector_rail:        Detector Rail
    diamond:              Diamond
    diamond_axe:          Diamond Axe
    diamond_block:        Block of Diamond
    diamond_boots:        Diamond Greaves
    diamond_chestplate:   Diamond Chestpiece
    diamond_helmet:       Diamond Helm
    diamond_hoe:          Diamond Hoe
    diamond_leggings:     Diamond Legs
    diamond_ore:          Rough Diamond
    diamond_pickaxe:      Diamond Pickaxe
    diamond_spade:        Diamond Shovel
    diamond_sword:        Diamond Sword
    diode:                Redstone Repeater
    diode_block_off:      Redstone Repeater
    diode_block_on:       Redstone Repeater
    dirt:                 Dirt
    dispenser:            Dispenser
    double_step:          Double Step
    dragon_egg:           Dragon Egg
    egg:                  Egg
    emerald:              Emerald
    emerald_block:        Block of Emerald
    emerald_ore:          Emerald Ore
    enchantment_table:    Enchantment Table
    ender_chest:          Ender Chest
    ender_pearl:          Ender Pearl
    ender_portal:         Ender Portal
    ender_portal_frame:   Ender Portal Frame
    ender_stone:          Ender Stone
    exp_bottle:           Experience Bottle
    eye_of_ender:         Eye of Ender
    feather:              Feather
    fence:                Fence
    fence_gate:           Fence Gate
    fermented_spider_eye: Fermented Spider Eye
    fire:                 Fire
    fireball:             Fireball
    fishing_rod:          Fishing Pole
    flint:                Flint
    flint_and_steel:      Flint and Steel
    furnace:              Furnace
    ghast_tear:           Ghast Tear
    glass:                Glass
    glass_bottle:         Bottle
    glowing_redstone_ore: Redstone Ore
    glowstone:            Glowstone
    glowstone_dust:       Glowstone Dust
    gold_axe:             Gold Axe
    gold_block:           Block of Gold
    gold_boots:           Gold Slippers
    gold_chestplate:      Gold Breastplate
    gold_helmet:          Gold Helm
    gold_hoe:             Gold Hoe
    gold_ingot:           Gold Ingot
    gold_leggings:        Gold Skirt
    gold_nugget:          Gold Nugget
    gold_ore:             Gold Ore
    gold_pickaxe:         Gold Pickaxe
    gold_record:          Record c418 - 13
    gold_spade:           Gold Shovel
    gold_sword:           Gold Sword
    golden_apple:         Golden Apple
    grass:                Dirt
    gravel:               Gravel
    green_record:         Record c418 - cat
    grilled_pork:         Baby Back Ribs
    huge_mushroom_1:      Giant Mushroom
    huge_mushroom_2:      Giant Mushroom
    ice:                  Ice
    ink_sack:             Squid Ink
    iron_axe:             Iron Axe
    iron_block:           Block of Iron
    iron_boots:           Iron Greaves
    iron_chestplate:      Iron Chestplate
    iron_door:            Iron Door
    iron_door_block:      Iron Door
    iron_fence:           Iron Fence
    iron_helmet:          Iron Helm
    iron_hoe:             Iron Hoe
    iron_ingot:           Iron Ingot
    iron_leggings:        Iron Leggings
    iron_ore:             Iron Ore
    iron_pickaxe:         Iron Pickaxe
    iron_spade:           Iron Shovel
    iron_sword:           Iron Sword
    jack_o_lantern:       Jack O' Lantern
    jukebox:              Jukebox
    jungle_wood_stairs:   Jungle Wood Stairs
    ladder:               Ladder
    lapis_block:          Block of Lapis
    lapis_ore:            Lapis Ore
    lava:                 Lava
    lava_bucket:          Bucket Full of Lava
    leather:              Strip of Leather
    leather_boots:        Leather Shoes
    leather_chestplate:   Leather Vest
    leather_helmet:       Leather Cap
    leather_leggings:     Leather Pants
    leaves:               Leaves
    lever:                Lever
    locked_chest:         Locked Chest
    log:                  Tree Log
    long_grass:           Weeds
    magma_cream:          Magma Cream
    map:                  Map
    melon:                Watermelon Slice
    melon_block:          Watermelon
    melon_seeds:          Watermelon Seeds
    melon_stem:           Watermelon Plant
    milk_bucket:          Bucket Full of Milk
    minecart:             Minecart
    mob_spawner:          Mob Spawner
    monster_egg:          Monster Egg
    monster_eggs:         Silverfish Block
    mossy_cobblestone:    Mossy Cobblestone
    mushroom_soup:        Bowl of Mushroom Soup
    mycel:                Mycel
    nether_brick:         Nether Brick
    nether_brick_stairs:  Nether Brick Stairs
    nether_fence:         Nether Fence
    nether_stalk:         Nether Warts
    nether_warts:         Nether Warts
    netherrack:           Netherrack
    note_block:           Note Block
    obsidian:             Obsidian
    painting:             Painting
    paper:                Paper
    piston_base:          Piston
    piston_extension:     Piston
    piston_moving_piece:  Piston
    piston_sticky_base:   Sticky Piston
    pork:                 Raw Pork
    portal:               Portal
    potion:               Potion
    powered_minecart:     Powered Minecart
    powered_rail:         Powered Rail
    pumpkin:              Pumpkin
    pumpkin_seeds:        Pumpkin Seeds
    pumpkin_stem:         Pumpkin Plant
    rails:                Train Tracks
    raw_beef:             Raw Steak
    raw_chicken:          Raw Chicken
    raw_fish:             Raw Fish
    record_10:            Record c418 - ward
    record_11:            Record c418 - 11
    record_3:             Record c418 - blocks
    record_4:             Record c418 - chirp
    record_5:             Record c418 - far
    record_6:             Record c418 - mall
    record_7:             Record c418 - mellohi
    record_8:             Record c418 - stal
    record_9:             Record c418 - strad
    red_mushroom:         Red Mushroom
    red_rose:             Red Rose
    redstone:             Redstone Dust
    redstone_lamp_off:    Redstone Lamp
    redstone_lamp_on:     Redstone Lamp
    redstone_ore:         Redstone Ore
    redstone_torch_off:   Redstone Torch
    redstone_torch_on:    Redstone Torch
    redstone_wire:        Redstone Dust
    rotten_flesh:         Zombie Flesh
    saddle:               Saddle
    sand:                 Sand
    sandstone:            Sandstone Brick
    sandstone_stairs:     Sandstone Stairs
    sapling:              Tree Sapling
    seeds:                Seeds
    shears:               Shears
    sign:                 Wood Sign
    sign_post:            Wood Sign
    slime_ball:           Slime Ball
    smooth_brick:         Smooth Brick
    smooth_stairs:        Smooth Brick Stairs
    snow:                 Snow
    snow_ball:            Snow Ball
    snow_block:           Snow Block
    soil:                 Soil
    soul_sand:            Soul Sand
    speckled_melon:       Speckled Melon
    spider_eye:           Spider Eye
    sponge:               Sponge
    spruce_wood_stairs:   Spruce Wood Stairs
    stationary_lava:      Lava
    stationary_water:     Water
    step:                 Step
    stick:                Stick
    stone:                Stone
    stone_axe:            Stone Axe
    stone_button:         Stone Button
    stone_hoe:            Stone Hoe
    stone_pickaxe:        Stone Pickaxe
    stone_plate:          Stone Pressure Plate
    stone_spade:          Stone Shovel
    stone_sword:          Stone Sword
    storage_minecart:     Storage Minecart
    string:               String
    sugar:                Sugar
    sugar_cane:           Sugar Cane
    sugar_cane_block:     Sugar Cane
    sulphur:              Gunpowder
    thin_glass:           Glass Panes
    tnt:                  TNT
    torch:                Torch
    trap_door:            Trap Door
    tripwire:             Trip Wire
    tripwire_hook:        Trip Wire Hook
    vine:                 Vine
    wall_sign:            Wood Sign
    watch:                Watch
    water:                Water
    water_bucket:         Bucket Full of Water
    water_lily:           Water Lily
    web:                  Web
    wheat:                Wheat
    wood:                 Wood
    wood_axe:             Wood Axe
    wood_door:            Wooden Door
    wood_double_step:     Wooden Step
    wood_hoe:             Wood Hoe
    wood_pickaxe:         Wood Pickaxe
    wood_plate:           Wood Pressure Plate
    wood_spade:           Wood Shovel
    wood_stairs:          Wooden Stairs
    wood_step:            Wood Step
    wood_sword:           Wood Sword
    wooden_door:          Wooden Door
    wool:                 Wool
    workbench:            Workbench
    written_book:         Written Book
    yellow_flower:        Yellow Flower

# End of File