LDLogger logs a number of events on the server, and reports them to staff in chat. Example log message


LDLogger allows staff to more easily detect and handle cheating and griefing on a server. It is designed to work alongside (not conflict with) your existing anti-cheat and protection plugins.
  • Simple, minimalistic. Does only a few specific things, and does them well.
  • X-Ray Protection: Tracks mining of ores, and reports to staff when detected. Has a timeout feature to avoid spamming in-game chat for staff.
  • Chat Filter: Anti-shouting protection. Chat messages with an excessive number of capital letters can either be automatically converted to lower-case (default), or you can kick the player. Extremely customisable!
The plugin is extremely configurable, allowing you to enable/disable specific features as required. Read more about the Configuration Options for further information.

Update Alerts

Subscribe to File updates on the Subscriptions tab to find out as soon as an update for LDLogger is released! You may also subscribe to Comment updates if you wish. Ticket updates will not work, as they are currently hosted on GitHub instead. You can sign into your GitHub account and watch Ticket updates from here.


If you appreciate the frequency of updates or would just like to thank me, please consider donating ;-) Whether it be $1 or $20, it helps a lot.


/ldlogger reloadLDLogger.adminReloads settings from the configuration file.


LDLogger does not require a permissions plugin, but it is highly recommended if you have moderators or staff that are not OP.
LDLogger.logGive this to players that you'd like to track (e.g. add to base permission group).
LDLogger.staffGive this to staff members that should see messages from LDLogger. By default these players override LDLogger.log and are not tracked, but you can change this behaviour in the configuration file.
LDLogger.adminGive this permission to administrators, or leave as the default (op). Access to admin commands.

Configuration Options

To read more about editing the config.yml file, please read the Configuration Options page.


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