How Tos/Make A Server Shop

Creating the Server Shop
An admin with the permission hyperconomy.admin can create a "server shop" using the /servershop command, or /ss for short.

The quickest way to create a server shop is with the command /ss p1 [shop name]
example: /ss p1 WorldStore
This will create a server shop named WorldStore, that is only 1 block in size, positioned exactly where you are standing.
To make the shop larger, move to a second position and use the command /ss p2 [shop name].
These two positions are the two corners of a cuboid region, the boundary of your server shop.

To select a different server shop to edit, use the command /ss select [shop name]
To permanently remove a server shop, first select the shop you wish to remove,
then use the command /ss removeshop

Managing Items
Server shops do not technically contain items.
Instead, they sell items from the economy that they belong to.
You control which items a server shop is allowed to buy and sell.
By default a new server shop can buy and sell all items.

Use the command /ss ban all to ban all items from being traded in a server shop.
Use the command /ss allow [item name] to allow an item to be traded.
If you cannot figure out an item's name, hold the item in your hand and use the command /iteminfo, or /ii for short.

A whole category of items may be added with the command /ss addcategory [category name].
To see a list of category names, use the command /listcategories
To add your own categories, edit the file categories.yml, in the HyperConomy plugin folder.

Other Commands

  • Remove Category: /ss removecategory [category name]
    Remove a category of items from this shop.

  • Owner: /ss owner [owner name]
    This sets the account that owns the currently selected server shop.

  • List: /ss list
    This lists the names of all shops on your server.

  • Rename: /ss rename [new name]
    This renames the currently selected server shop.

  • Message: /ss message [message]
    This sets the message that is displayed when a player enters the server shop.

  • Economy: /ss economy [economy name]
    This changes the economy that the currently selected server shop belongs to.

  • Goto: /ss goto
    This teleports you to the currently selected shop.

  • Info: /ss info
    This tells you which shop you currently have selected, which account it is owned by, and which economy it is part of.