How Tos/Make A Player Shop

Creating the Player Shop

A player with the permission hyperconomy.playershop.create can create a "player shop" using the /manageshop command, or /ms for short.

The quickest way to create a player shop is with the command /ms create [shop name]
example: /ms create ToolMart
This will create a player shop named ToolMart, that is a 5x5x5 cubiod region, centered on the block upon which you are standing.

To make a custom cubiod region:
Stand at one corner of the region and use the command /ms set1 [shop name].
Then stand at the opposite corner of the desired region and use the command /ms set2 [shop name].

To select a different player shop to manage, use the command /ms select [shop name]
To permanently remove a player shop, first select the shop you wish to remove, then use the command /ms delete

Adding Items

To add items to the player shop, hold the item you would like to add in your hand.
Use the command /ms add [amount] , where amount is the number of that item that you wish to put in the shop.

Every item must have it's "status" set in your shop. An items' "status" may be "buy", "sell", or "trade".
If "buy", the item may be purchased from your shop.
If "sell", the item may be sold to your shop.
if "trade", the item may be both bought and sold.

A simple way to get started with item status is to use the command /ms status all trade
This will set all items' status to "trade".
To set an individual item's status, use the command /ms status [item name] [status]
example: /ms status ironsword sell

Setting Prices

By default, your player shop will use the same prices as server shops in your economy.
You have the option to set custom buy and sell prices instead.
To set the purchase price of an item, use the command /ms buyprice [item name] [price]
To set the sale price of an item, use the command /ms sellprice [item name] [price]
Or, set the purchase and sale price of an item at the same time with /ms price [item name] [price]

Other Commands

  • Maxstock: /ms maxstock [item name] [amount]
    This command sets the maximum amount of an item that your player shop will contain.
    For example, if you use the command /ms maxstock dirt 100 , players cannot sell any more dirt to your shop once it has 100 dirt in stock.

  • Allow: /ms allow [player name]
    This will allow another player to edit your shop's inventory. This player will not be able to delete your shop.

  • Setstock: /ms setstock [item name] [amount]
    This is an admin only command that will set the stock of an item in a player shop to the specified amount.

  • Owner: /ms owner [player name]
    This is an admin only command that can be used to change the owner of a player shop.

  • Goto: /ms goto
    This is an admin only command that can be used to teleport to the currently selected PlayerShop.

  • Stockmode: /ms stockmode
    This is an admin only command that sets the currently selected PlayerShop's stockmode.
    In "economy" stockmode, the shop will no longer function as a PlayerShop, but as a ServerShop with added features.