Honeypot - Honeypots (griefer traps)

Authors: Argomirr, andune, dog.big, BeastsMC

Supports 1.6.X and 1.7.X

A plugin that allows Op's to create so called "honeypots," traps to identify and take care of dishonest players. Using the /honeypot or /hp commands you can turn any block into a honeypot: if a griefer tries to break it, everyone online will be alerted and the violation will be logged so an admin can take action, and optionally, Honeypot can kick or ban said player automatically. The block will be replaced, the trap reset - ready to catch the next griefer before he knows it.

For example, you can place a little shrine with valuable blocks such as gold near your spawn, and turn them into honeypots. When a griefer logs in, sees nobody around and decides the shiny blocks on that shrine would look so much better in his house, he's already given himself away.

A few videos that demo Honeypot in action: Video 1 | Video 2

Can you add support for XYZ ban plugin?

No, I won't. Please read the author's note at the bottom of this page. However, I've made it really easy for you to do it yourself and contribute. Read about it here.


  • Plug 'n play - just drop Honeypot.jar in your plugins directory, and you're good to go
  • Identify and take care of dishonest players (almost) entirely automatically
  • Very easy to use
  • Full logging of honeypot violations
  • Configurable via a .properties file
  • Changeable ban and kick/info reason
  • Supports MCBans, EasyBan, UltraBan, KiwiAdmin, vanilla bans and Permissions
  • Supports points feature for advanced needs, read the link for more info
  • PHP script for showing Honeypot ban logs online: link (courtesy of @jellehen)

How to install and configure

  • To install Honeypot, drop Honeypot.jar into your plugins directory, and run the server once. The plugin will generate a new directory, plugins/Honeypot, where you can find the honeypot violation log (honeypot.log), the properties file (honeypot.properties) and a file used to store honeypot data (list.ncsv).
  • Open honeypot.properties with your favorite text editor and make any changes you want, then run your server again.
  • A little note: if you wish to enable the ban feature, set the kick feature to false. Note that you need to have MCBans installed in order for banning to work.
  • Permission nodes for the Permissions plugin (2.7 and also PEX with compatibility core):
  • honeypot.break # Can the user destroy honeypots?
    honeypot.create # Can the user place honeypots using /honeypot?
  • Congratulations, you've set up your honeypot! You can set up as many honeypots as you like, but keep in mind that this system was not designed to be used as an area protection plugin, so don't apply /hp to every block on your house. See How to use bellow.

How to use

You can now log in and use /honeypot or /hp (Op's only, at this time) to start the process of making a honeypot. You will now be prompted to right click a block with the tool you specified (default: wooden axe) to create a honeypot. You can select any block, but it's recommended you choose a shiny block - something a griefer would want to break - and make sure it doesn't look like an obvious trap. (A single diamond block in the middle of nowhere looks somewhat suspicious, don't you agree?) You can keep selecting blocks until you exit the honeypot creation process by entering the /honeypot or /hp command again. To destroy the honeypot, simply have any Op break it and the block will be dropped as normal.

One more thing: honeypot data will automatically be saved once the server stops, but you can also apply a manual save by using /honeypot save or /hp s to prevent data loss in case of a server crash.

Author's note (andune)

This plugin was originally written by Argomirr. Though his last post related to Honeypot was April 18, 2011, I found value in this plugin and so have kept it updated through newer Bukkit versions and have released it here for others to continue to enjoy as well. Some features have been added at my whim (such as banPoints and WorldEdit region support), but I am not accepting feature requests. If you want a new feature or some new ban plugin supported, please pull the source and write it yourself. Here's a brief guide showing how to add a ban plugin to Honeypot. I WILL NOT help you with coding issues. If you can't figure it out, keep trying/learning until you can, or just use the custom ban type.


Source Code

And thanks to godsyn for the idea.


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