/waypoint create
Creates a waypoint with points you set and a spawn that you are looking at
Perms: fasttravel.waypointcreate
1. Get an EnderPearl
2. Left click one point of the cuboid with the EnderPearl
3. Right click another point of the cuboid with the EnderPearl
4. Stand where you want people to spawn when they fast travel
5. /waypoint create <Name of the waypoint> (NO SPACES!)
6. Reload server
/waypoint warp
Warps you to a waypoint regardless if you discovered it or not
Perms: fasttravel.waypointwarp
1. /waypoint warp <waypoint>
/waypoint toggle
Toggles the functionality of the cuboid selector(EnderPearl)
Perms: fasttravel.waypointtoggle
1. /waypoint toggle
/waypoint delete
Non working at the moment, so please just remove the waypoint from waypoints.txt

/fasttravel (or /ft)

Warps you to a waypoint, If you discovered it
Perms: fasttravel.ft
1. /fasttravel <waypoint>

/fasttravellist (or /ftlist)

Shows you a list of all the waypoints you discovered
Perms: NONE
1. /fasttravellist <page number>


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