Commands And Permissions


/ft <waypoint>fasttravel.ftFast travel to a waypoint. If enabled, you have to pay the amount specified in the config.
-fasttravel.freeAllows you to fast travel without paying
-fasttravel.discoverAllows you to discover waypoints
-fasttravel.ft.<waypoint>Allows you to fast travel to specified waypoint(only needed if WaypointPerms is enabled in the config)
/waypoint-Shows FastTravel information
/waypoint create <name>fasttravel.waypointcreateCreates a waypoint with name
/waypoint togglefasttravel.waypointtoggleEnables/disables the waypoint selector tool
/waypoint warpfasttravel.waypointwarpWarp to a waypoint even if it isn't discovered
/ftlist <page>-Shows your discovered waypoints

How to make waypoints

1. Get your selector tool(default ender pearl)
2. Left click one point with it
3. Right click another point with it
4. Stand where you want people to spawn when they fast travel
5. Type /waypoint create <name>


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