This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Tired of having a non-realistic warping system? Well, here's the solution! I present to you FastTravel! It works like and is inspired by The Fast Travel system in most huge RPGs. If you've been to a place, you can come back without walking for countless minutes! Great for RPG servers, because people will have the fun of exploring while they still get the ability to teleport!

The project is currently being planned and coded, so please wait!

Coded by Technius

Art, ideas, concept and suggestions by Mastermichael64

To be clear, Technius is actually making the plugin and doing all the real work. Mastermichael64 just came up with idea for the plugin and contributes ideas and features. In short, the plugin only exists because both of them. Mastermichael64 would like to extend his gratitude to Technius for taking on the task of FastTravel, which was originally a plugin request.


We're working had to make it as user friendly as possible, with short, easy to remember commands like /ft, even the dullest of player can figure it out.


No other plugin does what FastTravel does, and if they do, they don't do it the way FastTravel does! FastTravels includes custom messages, waypoints, and settable FT regions!


It's our general goal to make FastTravel able to be custom-tailored to every server it's install on! You can configure most aspects of the plugin to fit your needs! From the blocks, to the messages, to whether or not it charges and if so how much it charges, It really let's you configure it to your needs.

Feature Packed

FastTravel has a plethora of features like Charging money or items to warp, Making Waypoints or Regions, custom messages

Commands, Perms + Others

Commands with their perms are here: Commands And Permissions Old, outdated commands page: Commands

Other perms are here:
This is so that you can "discover" waypoints so you can ft back to them.


IMPORTANT!!! Fast Traveling with Vault is here!
Latest version (as of 4/28/2012): 0.6

All downloads can be found here, but you can get the latest ones by clicking here.

If you don't like cuboids, you can get this other plugin, by craftycreeper.


config reload command:0%

If you find any glitches, please submit them here.

(Okay, the description above may not be what it claims. The goal I am going towards is to try to make this plugin match this description) -Technius

The Future?

What I envision FastTravel to be in the future, is warping plugin that is aimed at RPG servers. Since cuboids may be heavy on the server, there will also be a "Lite" version, which uses signs instead of cuboid regions. There also may be Spout compatibility, where on entering a waypoint, an achievement badge may appear to show the location discovered, just like Skyrim's fast travel system. I like innovation, and that is what I will try to add into this plugin. -Technius


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