Server Owner Guide


Step 1: Download

Click here for a list of files.
Download List
Please ensure you use a version of Factions that is compatible with the latest version of Faction Mobs.
As with other plugins, drop FactionMobs.jar into your /plugins folder.
As of v2.6.3, Faction Mobs should be compatible with all the latest versions of Factions, including, 1.8.2, and the CB compatible 2.x build.

Due to Minecraft's migration from using usernames to UUIDs, servers are urged to switch to the most recent Factions 2.x. Support for 1.8.x versions will be dropped.

If you are using Towny, you must set the 'force_town_monsters_on' to true in Towny's config.yml.


Step 2: Config.yml

Run the server once to generate the Faction Mobs config.yml file, located in /plugins/FactionMobs.

Click here to view the default config.yml and explanations for each config option.

Setting the powerCost makes each faction mob "use up" some of a Faction's power. For example, if a faction has 10 power and an archer costs 5 power each, the faction can spawn 2 archers. Once it has used up its power, it cannot spawn more until the existing mobs are killed or it gains more power.

This plugin has the option to use Vault to set a price for spawning mobs. It is recommended you set a price for each mob so players cannot continuously spawn them.


Step 3: Permissions

Click here to view the permissions and descriptions straight off the plugin.yml file.

Leaving the permissions at default should usually be okay, but you may want to give people special permissions to suit your server's needs.

You may also want to click here and view what your players are able to do with faction mobs and with what permissions.


The /fmc Command

Faction Mobs features a way for server owners to spawn faction mobs for a specific faction via command blocks. It allows server owners to set up their own spawning systems. Read more about it here.


Using Spigot or Cauldron(MCPC)?

Faction Mobs should have no problem with Spigot, but will most likely not be compatible with MCPC.
This is because of MCPC's renaming of variables, which requires me to manually input the new variable names.
Because of MCPC's later release schedule, the new name for each build usually doesn't make it into the plugin in time.
If you are using MCPC and encounter problems, send me a PM and I can give you a modified jar that should be compatible with MCPC.


Frequently Encountered Errors

When someone tries to use the command it says "/fm [spawn:order:color] [parameters]" and nothing happens

Check the server.log file. There should be a small error message at the start-up of your server.

This is usually caused by having a version of Faction Mobs that is incompatible with your version of Factions and CraftBukkit. See Step 1 for more information.

I'm getting a bad version number error on start-up

Try using Java 7.

I'm getting "[Fatal Error] Unable to register mobs" on startup

This may occur if you are using Cauldron(MCPC) or another unsupported server distributions. This plugin is built off CraftBukkit and I cannot guarantee compatibility with other server distributions.

Submitting a bug report

When submitting a bug report, be sure to upload the /plugins/FactionMobs/error.log file to pastebin and include it in the report, if the log file exists. Also consider uploading the list of plugins you are using in case it's conflict with another plugin.

Submit a ticket here or just comment on the main page.