Player Guide


Getting Information

When joining a server with Faction Mobs, you will first want to use "/fm info". It shows you what mobs you are able to spawn and any associated costs with spawning them.

Spawning a Faction Mob

  1. You must have permission "fmob.spawn"
  2. You must be standing in territory owned by your faction
  3. You must have enough remaining faction power or money (if applicable)
  4. Type "/fm spawn type", where type is archer, swordsman, mage, or titan

Setting Your Faction's Color

  1. You must have permission "fmob.color"
  2. Type "/fm color color", where color is a color in RRGGBB format.

Giving Orders to Your Faction Mobs

  1. You must have permission "fmob.order"
  2. Select mobs by right clicking them. You can deselect mobs by right clicking again or typing "/fm deselect"
  3. Type "/fm order order", where order is one of the following:

Regular Orders:

  • follow - Tell your mobs to follow you
  • stop - Tell your mobs to go to wherever you told them to go last and stop there
  • goHome - Tell your mobs to go where you spawned them (their home)
  • setHome - Make your position you mob's new home
  • patrolHere - Tell your mobs to patrol between their home and your current position
  • moveToPoint - Tell your mobs to move to where you're looking
  • forgive - Tell your mobs to stop attacking any neutral player that provoked them

Your mobs have a limited navigation range. Pathfinding in tight areas may be a bit buggy.

Orders Requiring "":

  • tpHere - Teleport your mobs directly to you
  • tpHome - Teleport your mobs back home
Organizing mobs into groups:
  • To save your selection:
    • /fm group set NUMBER
  • To load a selection:
    • /fm group NUMBER
  • NUMBER must be between 1 and 5

Feeding Your Faction Mobs

If your server has this option enabled, you can feed your faction mobs to restore some health. Right click a faction mob while holding an apple and it will be healed by a set amount of health (default: 5 hp).

Comprehensive List of Commands

View a condensed list of commands here.