EasyWarp/Permissions/Setting up a permission plugin in 5 minutes

Installing a permission plugin (1 minute)

For this guide I'll be using LuckPerms, which you can find here but other permission plugins should be pretty similar, you'll just have to read their wiki to find the specific command format


First, download LuckPerms from the link above and install it in your plugins folder


After starting/reloading the server, from the console, you can use

lp user <your username> permission set luckperms.* true

if you want to be able future commands in-game instead of in the console.



Giving everyone permissions (2 minutes)
 (Consult the permissions page to determine what permissions everyone should have access to)


Add any permissions you want everyone to have to the 'default' group, here's an example.

lp group default permission set easywarp.command.warp


If you would like for only admins to be able to do things like set warps, I will now explain how to create an 'admin' group, but if you would like everyone to be able to set warps, just use the above command to add 'easywarp.command.setwarp' to the default group.



Giving admins special permissions (2 minutes)

Create an admin permission group:

lp creategroup admin


Add yourself (and others) to the group:

lp user <username> parent add admin


Give the admin group whatever special permissions you want

lp group admin permission set easywarp.command.setwarp true


If you would like admins to be able to do anything with easywarp, you can just do

lp group admin permission set easywarp.*


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