Commands & Permissions

Commands & Permissions


/buy and /sellDoes the same as /dynshop buy and /dynshop sell, but they have to be enabled in the config
/dynshop buy <material> (amount)Buy the item(s)
/dynshop sell <material> (amount)Sell the item(s)
/dynshop price <material>Gets the actual price for the item
/dynshop list (page)List the items on the given page
/dynshop admincmdShows all admin commands
/dynshop buytax/selltaxGet the actual buy-/selltax
/dynshop setbuytax/setselltax <Percent>Set the buy-/selltax
/dynshop setall price/min-price/max-price/limit/available (value)Set the value for all items
/dynshop setprice: <material> <price>Set the price
/dynshop setpricechange <percent, amount or constant>Sets the pricechange (See config)
/dynshop setpricechangespeed <speed>Sets the pricechangespeed (See config)
/dynshop reloadconfigReload the config from the file, overwrites any changes!
/dynshop saveconfigSave the config to the file
/dynshopShows the help text


To give all permissions from a parent use e.g. dynshop.customer.*
If this doesn't work for some reason, you have to give all single permissions.

  • dynshop:
    • description: Gives access to all DynamicShop commands.
    • children:
      • dynshop.customer: true
      • true
      • dynshop.admin: true
      • dynshop.globalsigncreate: true
      • dynshop.psigncreate: true

  • dynshop.customer:
    • description: Allows you to trade items and receive information.
    • children:
      • true
      • dynshop.customer.sell: true
      • true

    • description: Allows you to receive information like prices.
    • children:
      • true
      • true
      • true
      • true

  • dynshop.admin:
    • description: Allows you to change configurations and view the admin commands.
    • children:
      • dynshop.admin.setprice: true
      • dynshop.admin.setpricechange: true
      • dynshop.admin.setpricechangespeed: true
      • dynshop.admin.setall: true
      • dynshop.admin.setbuytax: true
      • dynshop.admin.setselltax: true
      • dynshop.admin.saveconfig: true
      • dynshop.admin.reloadconfig: true

    • description: Allows you to buy items.
    • children:
      • true
      • true
      • false

  • dynshop.customer.sell:
    • description: Allows you to sell items.
    • children:
      • dynshop.customer.sell.cmd: true
      • dynshop.customer.sell.sign: true
      • dynshop.customer.sell.unlimited: false

cmd/sign: with sign permission you can trade with signs, with cmd by commands


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